Thursday, August 07, 2003

Weekend is here !!!

Eh no, got one more day right. Damm. Actually we were given 1/2 a day off tommorow but there is this (totally optional) training conducted by one of my superiors. I was talking to him about it now so I think it wouldn't be so nice to not go now. But it does ends at 4 , so I will just leave after that. And also I just got a TINY push from one superior regarding the big project that I am working on, got around 10 days to wrap it up AND come up with a complete write-up. Trust me it's gonna be really tight, and still got the trip to Bangkok on the 19th to prepare for. I don't know if I should get one of those luggage bags. I thought my sis had one but she had one of those huge sport bags, she used that for her trips. I am going with 2 of my superiors, sekali they see me with the sports bag like so unprofessional like that.

Probably gonna meet a net friend this Saturday, been talking to her on the phone for the last couple of weeks so I am kinda looking forward to it. YES I do have a lot of net friends, most of whom I 'met' during my 8 months of employment, I had no money to go out, and I felt guilty about asking my folks for money also, so basically spend most of the 8 months at home, when I wasn't going for interviews and stuff. Anyway I got so bored so decided to go online on ICQ and look for chicks to talk to. Tried IRC but didn't really like it, i tried talking to this gal once and she immediately asked for my height and weight. Talk about shallow, I just wanted to talk! The others I met through their blogs. There are a couple of them whom I really wished I got to know much earlier cos they are such amazing people, really glad I got to know them. People like C.

A friend did something today that I didn't have balls to do. More power to him i say.

Ok got to make this appeal to everyone: Some things that I blog about I don't really like to discuss in person, so please do not bring it up alright. Of course, I know that my blog is public and if I wanted to keep it private I shouldn't be blogging about it, but don't wanna waste time explaining why I do, cos from experience non-bloggers won't understand. So this is just a request , not a demand. Thank you.

sekali = whats the english translation ?

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