Sunday, August 03, 2003

So went for the meeting at NUS at 10 am in the morning; the guy we met kept rambling on and on about what he and his students were currently doing and his vision for the future. Some of it was pretty impressive I have to admit; but had nothing to do with the project we are doing with them. So what could have been a short 1/2 hour meeting dragged on for an hour and a half, and that was because because he had another appointment (thank god). However the project | am working on will certainly help bring funding to the organization if we get it off successfully; so hopefully I can complete it asap.

I paid my sister a visit after that cos it was her off day; well I haven't seen her in around 2 months so decided to just check out what she's been doing. Ended up staying over, still here right now. Had chicken pie last night for dinner made my her mom-in-law; man it was pretty heavenly and at least a welcome change from the rice/curry combo that I have almost everyday at home!

Pretty interesting article in today's Life section of the Strait Times about inter-racial relationships and how they are more socially acceptable (or tolerated?) today. But an Indian gal friend mentioned an interesting fact : that although Indian guys with Chinese girlfriends are pretty common now, the opposite is really rare; that is you almost always never see Indian gals with Chinese boyfriends. Wonder why is that ?

P.S What is a reasonable selling price for a 2nd hand Omega external CD-Writer ( 48x24x48) ?

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