Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Ok just watches Singapore's Brainest Kid , the local quiz show that pits our youngest bright minds against each other. Well today was the gals' turn (last week featured all male kids although I can't understand why they need to separate kids by their sex) and.... well brainy wouldn't be the first word that comes to my mind, how about incredibly annoying instead. 9 out of 10 questions asked by the host ( the incredibly hot Cheryl Fox) was met with the standard response "pass" by the little brainiacs. And even more annoying was the fact that they didn't even consider thinking about some of the questions, they just said pass as soon as it appeared on screen. So for most parts of the show all you can see are the kids saying "pass" repeatedly. Yeah that's quality tv for ya, I would put it right up there with WWE. But well Cheryl you can give me a totally uninterrupted lesson anytime baby. *fantasises*

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