Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Oh just read in the Strait Times forum today about this person who was praising the National Day Parade (NDP) held last Saturday. I watched the parade, I thought it was really lame. First of all I hate the fact that every year they have to make it a point to remind everyone how multi-cultural/multi-racial Singapore is EVERY bloody year. Can't they give it a rest for at least one year at least. And also there was the lame-ass chanting of "One People, One Nation, One Singapore" , kinda reminded me of the cheers we used to do during Orientation in my Junior College. Damm annoying and fake.

Anyway the only reason I watched it to see the Silent Precision Drill Squad (SPDS) performance by the military policemen , cos I performed the same drill for NDP in 1998. It was pretty good, especially the guys juggling on top of the motorbikes, that was pretty cool. After that I switched it off.

They should have had a performance on the North-East line and SBS and celebrate the opening of the world's first driverless train system. They could get various TCS actors/actresses to speak out on how much they loved the system; especially how they love paying higher fares despite the glitches still not fixed in the system, or how they like the fact that the Buangkok station remains closed which means the train moves faster because they don't need to stop at that station, or how with the new line the bus services along the route are removed so that they do not need to face the dilemma whether to take the train or the bus when they travel. And then add a skit that shows those residents who complain about the higher fares, removal of bus services ,or the closure of Buangkok MRT station (aka traitors to Singapore) being persuaded by the government that they are wrong to complain....then make they chant "One People, One Nation, One Singapore!" (or risk being deported).

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