Sunday, August 17, 2003

I have to admit when I first found out that Fergie bought a 18 year old teenager for 12 million pounds I was really skeptical ; it seemed way way too much for a kid whom no one had really heard of. But after seeing him in action in Man Utd's first match of the season I have to say it is starting to look like a masterstroke, the guy is a really exciting talent! He has a whole lot of flair, he was doing step-overs and dummys and man can he dribble ! And he was involved in all 3 goals after he came on , talk about an amazing debut ! And he looks pretty cute too which could attract a whole new group of teenage gal fans, although his hair a bit funny.
Btw I think Wenger should start training his team to play with 10 men, Campbell just got sent off. Thats two send-offs in their last 2 matches.

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