Friday, August 01, 2003

I blogged about having a dream about one of my relatives a couple days ago. Well last night I got news that she was asked to leave her house by her husband. Quite a bizarre coincidence rite. But it's kinda sad cos she has two really young kids, but she is better off without him in my opinion. But then again its always easy to judge when you aren't involved in it yourself.

Watched the finale of Joe Millionaire on Wednesday; Evan picked Zora, just as I hoped, and then the surprise twist was revealed ; they were given 1 million dollars to start their new life together. But I later found out that the finale and pretty much the other episodes as well was heavily edited to mislead the viewers. Kinda makes you wonder how real the other reality shows on TV are as well. Well if you want to read some of the inside scoop on the show go here. But you might not want to if you are going to watch next week's episode.

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