Monday, August 04, 2003

I am going to Bangkok!!

Ok the title has nothing to do with this entry but just thought I would remind you guys that I am going to Bangkok!!! OK back to entry. As I and my colleagues were walking to a nearby coffeeshop for lunch, we heard a loud screech followed by incessant (me trying to sound cheem) honking. As I looked down from the bridge, I saw this car stopping just in front of the ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) gantry. It was pretty obvious the bloody driver forgot to put in his cashcard so he stopped abruptly just to do that. It was such a dumb thing to do, if the car behind him didn't stop in time it could have been a really nasty accident. I don't know how much the fine is for not paying the toll but surely it isn't worth getting into an accident right. Some people just put money in front of everything else, even their own safety.

Oh just had the most heavenly pastry brought back from Australia by my fellow colleague, damm I forgot what it was called but its a lot like apple pie. If it was any more delicious I would have probably have had an orgasm there and then. I think they have it at this bakery place in Bugis also, must go there soon and try it again.

BTW got a new blog that you pple should check out, started by a net friend of mine, I think I was the inspiration behind it. Sigh feels so good to touch so many (online) lives in my small, humbly insignificant way.

UPDATE : Shammi just clarified that I was NOT the inspiration behind the blog. Hmm I am still skeptical though, I think I was, at least subconsciously.

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