Friday, August 01, 2003

How come you still here?

That was what I said to the temperature gal when I saw her outside with another gal the building where I worked. Yes I am an idiot. Of course I knew that as soon as I said the words, but it was too late. Well she did reply me though, told me she came to visit her friend who was working there. But after that I just said bye (I think I said bye) and scurried away before I said anything worse, don't know if that was possible though. "How come you still here?" ??? What the hell was I thinking? Sheesh ok maybe from now on I would like to be known as the Indian (Dumb)Ass. Oh well she and her friends were probably lesbians! It was almost as bad as the time when I went out with this totally hot gal, probably the hottest gal I ever met, and she asked me out for coffee after we went to watch a movie, and I replied "I don't like to drink coffee....". Still have nightmares about that date.

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