Thursday, August 21, 2003

hey people just a quick post b4 i got for my training. Well I haven't been able to get out much here because the last 2 days there was training the whole day followed by buffet dinners in the evening which kinda sucks, haven't even bought anything yet. But the people here are really friendly and there is this girl at the reception counter who looks hot as hell. But the hotel room is totally amazing (hell it better be when its 200 US dollars a night) but i accidentally ate a banana from the fruit bowl in the room cos I thought it was free; but when I checked it costed me 500 baht ...that's 20 Sing dollars talk about rip off! Hopefully I get to go out these last 2 days , I am flying back on saturday afternoon so there's not much time left.
Sa-wa-di-ka ! (or something like that) .

p.s Anyone know how to say "How much you charge for extra service?" in thai?

Oh but the plane ride was really fun, although I didn't get to sit on the window seat like I wanted to ..sigh so spend the flight watching 'Finding Nemo'. And there was this really pretty stewardess smiling at me ...

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