Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Had to do a presentation during today's monthly meeting. I still got a tad nervous while doing it; I guess it's probably because I am not used to being the main focus of attention, it makes me really uncomfortable. I have been feeling rather irritable the last couple of days for no reason at all, little things at work or in online conversations the last few days are really getting on my nerves; stuff that would normally not bother me, man hope this passes really soon cos I hate feeling this way.

Called a friend just now she just came back from Pennsylvania (sp?) where she was for the past 3 months, she had a totally great time there, hell she and her froend even chased a tornado in their car, just like in the movie Twister , and she took some pictures also, I will put them up as soon as she sends them to me, with her permission of course.

Sometimes hearing about all this experiences of my friends have make me realise that I have had a really boring life the last 24 years. I can't really recall one truly exciting thing that I did in my entire life, and that's kinda sad. Most of it was because I have always been afraid to take risks because of the fear of failure, and I do know it's something I need to overcome and I am trying to, but like they say it's easier said than done.

Oh and this is for people who forward those emails to everyone else, you know the ones that promise you money or a handphone or good luck if you forward them. I really HATE those emails by the way, so if you are one of them who does that you know what to do.

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