Friday, August 29, 2003

For the last couple of months, I thought that I was the innocent victim who was unjustly victimised in all of this; it took someone else today to make me realise that this wasn't the case. And it was something that was really painful to hear, but once i heard the words I realised that they had a lot of truth in them. Like someone I know always says, it takes two hands to clap. I guess when things get really bad you always try to find something or someone to blame instead of looking at yourself. Well I have to admit that's true for me. At least now that I do know my faults I can at least try and correct them, it might be too late but I still have to try. But to the person who made me realise this , I just wanna say that I have always valued your friendship, but after today I have to say I feel so damm lucky to have you as a friend, because friends like you are really rare, at least for me.

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