Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Alright I had a really enjoyable trip to Bangkok, it was a real treat! The food that we had at the hotel was really amazing; anything you wanted to eat was there , i could remember one of the nights i actually had lamb, prok, chicken and beef all at the same time. We also went to eat at this really wonderful vietnamese restaurant courtesy of J who treated us , really nice of him.

Another thing is that Thai girls are so damm hot ! Every 100 metres I walked there was a thai girl who will catch my eye. Most of them have really great bodies and really attractive features. Hell even the gal at the flea market I bargained with was hot, should have asked her to take a pic with me.

We only really went out 2 nights , both to Pat Pong and I bought a whole lot of stuff at the flea market; like a name card holder for 4 bucks ! Also bought a couple of stuff for the people back home, but couldnt buy much cos I only had like 100 dollars.

Of cos there are the downsides; it's pretty sleazy , at the side of the flea market u have the go-go bars with the thai women pole dancing. Then when we took a taxi or tut tut in the evening the driver will ask us if we want massage (the not so clean kind) and sometimes they will keep asking you repeatedly, I guess they earn quite a huge commision. Then we also came across young teenage boys who were dressed up as women. And an old chinese man with two young gals, one at each arm. And so on.

A pretty funny incident happened in the hotel room. I ate a banana from the fruit bowl thinking it was free, then my room mate told me that it might not be. So I called the hotel reception and enquired; they said it was 500 baht ! But few days later I found out that they thought I meant the fruit bowl ...so that was a relief.

Anyway on the whole the experience was a really enjoyable one for me , I got to see a totally different culture and a way of living that was foreign to me. I took some pictures , not that much ...will try and put them up asap.

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