Sunday, August 31, 2003

You know how the government is raising cigarette prices to try and stop young people from smoking right. Well I just had an idea, why don't they just raise the price of a cigarette pack to like a 100 bucks. That will stop people from smoking, period. You also won't see young kids sharing their cigarettes with each other, hell i mean when you pay that kind of money you wanna enjoy them yourself right !
Watch MTV Music Video awards yesterday and Chris Rock who was the MC really got me laughing like crazy, the guy is so damm funny. But I have to say he has got balls, he makes fun of all the celebrities and even downright insults some of the people. After Good Charlotte performed on stage he referred to them the 'mediocre Green Day'! He also said Ashton Kutcher was 'literally a motherfucker' . But my favourite one was when he was saying how Americal Idol should get proper judges; "Paula Abdul judging American Idol was like Christopher Reeve judging a dancing contest!" Yes so very mean I know but damm funny though.

Saturday, August 30, 2003

I am more emotional than I would like to be, and trust me it's something that is really hard for a guy to say. I do have a tendency to get upset when people criticize me in a harsh manner or make really nasty comments. I try not to be (or show it) of course, but it does really affect me. Call it a lack of self-confidence or whatsoever, but I am very very concerned about what people think of me, especially people I consider my friends. Maybe because I know I don't have that many to begin with.

Friday, August 29, 2003

BTW you people should know that there are FREE alternatives to Microsoft(MS) Office. So if you don't have the dough to shell out 300 bucks (I think) for MS Office or you don't feel comfortable with getting a pirated copy you should take a look at two alternatives, one is OpenOffice and the other is StarOffice. Both can be used to open, edit and create MS Office documents as well; of course sometimes the formatting looks different when you do open MS documents, they are two different sets of products using two different technologies. OpenOffice is free while StarOffice is free for students, researchers and faculty members. I just think I should highlight this because before I joined my current company I had no idea that such alternatives were actually available. I have to confess I don't have much experience with OpenOffice , I mainly use StarOffice and it does slow down sometimes for me when I am formatting a large chunk of text, but hey it's free after all; you can't expect it to be as good as a 500 dollar product can ya, but it still does a pretty decent job.

BTW note to myself : Don't ever buy comics for chicks for their birthdays again. If I do I promise to knife myself in the groin.
OK just read this rather bizarre news at Soccernet. Chelsea, whom have been spending loads and loads of money on new players (100 million pounds so far), bought a Russian footballer by the name of Smertin for 3.45 million pounds recently, but two days after signing him they allowed him to go on loan to Portsmouth, saying that he was a player they bought for the future. Which would be perfectly fine if the player in question was someone young and still developing his skills, but the guy in question was a 28 year old!
For the last couple of months, I thought that I was the innocent victim who was unjustly victimised in all of this; it took someone else today to make me realise that this wasn't the case. And it was something that was really painful to hear, but once i heard the words I realised that they had a lot of truth in them. Like someone I know always says, it takes two hands to clap. I guess when things get really bad you always try to find something or someone to blame instead of looking at yourself. Well I have to admit that's true for me. At least now that I do know my faults I can at least try and correct them, it might be too late but I still have to try. But to the person who made me realise this , I just wanna say that I have always valued your friendship, but after today I have to say I feel so damm lucky to have you as a friend, because friends like you are really rare, at least for me.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

I know that I really need to get a life, but for some reason I keep putting it off. And I don't know why.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

You know some people should be banned from making jokes. I don't know if they are trying to be funny or something but well ...tell me if you think this is funny...

Me : How much did you get that cup of coffee for ?
Him : Ten dollars.


And also another time I missed the name of the person in a conversation a group of friends were having so I asked the person who they were talking about. He replied "The cleaner".

Like I said, some people should just stay away from jokes.

Ok just watches Singapore's Brainest Kid , the local quiz show that pits our youngest bright minds against each other. Well today was the gals' turn (last week featured all male kids although I can't understand why they need to separate kids by their sex) and.... well brainy wouldn't be the first word that comes to my mind, how about incredibly annoying instead. 9 out of 10 questions asked by the host ( the incredibly hot Cheryl Fox) was met with the standard response "pass" by the little brainiacs. And even more annoying was the fact that they didn't even consider thinking about some of the questions, they just said pass as soon as it appeared on screen. So for most parts of the show all you can see are the kids saying "pass" repeatedly. Yeah that's quality tv for ya, I would put it right up there with WWE. But well Cheryl you can give me a totally uninterrupted lesson anytime baby. *fantasises*
Alright I had a really enjoyable trip to Bangkok, it was a real treat! The food that we had at the hotel was really amazing; anything you wanted to eat was there , i could remember one of the nights i actually had lamb, prok, chicken and beef all at the same time. We also went to eat at this really wonderful vietnamese restaurant courtesy of J who treated us , really nice of him.

Another thing is that Thai girls are so damm hot ! Every 100 metres I walked there was a thai girl who will catch my eye. Most of them have really great bodies and really attractive features. Hell even the gal at the flea market I bargained with was hot, should have asked her to take a pic with me.

We only really went out 2 nights , both to Pat Pong and I bought a whole lot of stuff at the flea market; like a name card holder for 4 bucks ! Also bought a couple of stuff for the people back home, but couldnt buy much cos I only had like 100 dollars.

Of cos there are the downsides; it's pretty sleazy , at the side of the flea market u have the go-go bars with the thai women pole dancing. Then when we took a taxi or tut tut in the evening the driver will ask us if we want massage (the not so clean kind) and sometimes they will keep asking you repeatedly, I guess they earn quite a huge commision. Then we also came across young teenage boys who were dressed up as women. And an old chinese man with two young gals, one at each arm. And so on.

A pretty funny incident happened in the hotel room. I ate a banana from the fruit bowl thinking it was free, then my room mate told me that it might not be. So I called the hotel reception and enquired; they said it was 500 baht ! But few days later I found out that they thought I meant the fruit bowl that was a relief.

Anyway on the whole the experience was a really enjoyable one for me , I got to see a totally different culture and a way of living that was foreign to me. I took some pictures , not that much ...will try and put them up asap.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

hey people just a quick post b4 i got for my training. Well I haven't been able to get out much here because the last 2 days there was training the whole day followed by buffet dinners in the evening which kinda sucks, haven't even bought anything yet. But the people here are really friendly and there is this girl at the reception counter who looks hot as hell. But the hotel room is totally amazing (hell it better be when its 200 US dollars a night) but i accidentally ate a banana from the fruit bowl in the room cos I thought it was free; but when I checked it costed me 500 baht ...that's 20 Sing dollars talk about rip off! Hopefully I get to go out these last 2 days , I am flying back on saturday afternoon so there's not much time left.
Sa-wa-di-ka ! (or something like that) .

p.s Anyone know how to say "How much you charge for extra service?" in thai?

Oh but the plane ride was really fun, although I didn't get to sit on the window seat like I wanted to ..sigh so spend the flight watching 'Finding Nemo'. And there was this really pretty stewardess smiling at me ...

Sunday, August 17, 2003

I have to admit when I first found out that Fergie bought a 18 year old teenager for 12 million pounds I was really skeptical ; it seemed way way too much for a kid whom no one had really heard of. But after seeing him in action in Man Utd's first match of the season I have to say it is starting to look like a masterstroke, the guy is a really exciting talent! He has a whole lot of flair, he was doing step-overs and dummys and man can he dribble ! And he was involved in all 3 goals after he came on , talk about an amazing debut ! And he looks pretty cute too which could attract a whole new group of teenage gal fans, although his hair a bit funny.
Btw I think Wenger should start training his team to play with 10 men, Campbell just got sent off. Thats two send-offs in their last 2 matches.

Friday, August 15, 2003

Yahoo Fantasy Soccer

All English Premier League fans should check out this game. Basically every week you choose 11 players and depending on their performances every week in their matches you get points. NO prizes but it is pretty fun trying to figure out which players to pick every week and who to drop , and also you get to play against your friends. Anyway if you are still interested, create a team here

After you create a team, choose to Join a Private Group.
Then, when prompted, enter the following information...

Group ID#: 8850
Password: 1234

That is the league that I am in.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

It's really hard to get me pissed off, but someone is doing a real good job trying. But the Thailand trip is just happening at the right time, I really feel like I need to get away from everything for a while. Even if it's only a week.

Watching Buffy on TV now but the damm show freezes every 10 seconds. It is so incredibly annoying that I feel like taking a bat to the TV. Lucky thing I don't have a bat.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

My birthday is exactly a month away

Things people can get me for my birthday:

1. Playstation 2 or XBOX
2. MP3 Player
3. DVD player
4. Expensive Discman (mine starting to screw up)
5. Headphones to go along with the Discman
6. Hi-FI system

Ya I know some of the stuff there are a TAD expensive, but you guys can always share money and buy one , I don't really mind. Man I can't wait !

I been feeling kinda isolated lately. I don't know whether its just me being paranoid as usual, but I don't think so. Oh well.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Oh just read in the Strait Times forum today about this person who was praising the National Day Parade (NDP) held last Saturday. I watched the parade, I thought it was really lame. First of all I hate the fact that every year they have to make it a point to remind everyone how multi-cultural/multi-racial Singapore is EVERY bloody year. Can't they give it a rest for at least one year at least. And also there was the lame-ass chanting of "One People, One Nation, One Singapore" , kinda reminded me of the cheers we used to do during Orientation in my Junior College. Damm annoying and fake.

Anyway the only reason I watched it to see the Silent Precision Drill Squad (SPDS) performance by the military policemen , cos I performed the same drill for NDP in 1998. It was pretty good, especially the guys juggling on top of the motorbikes, that was pretty cool. After that I switched it off.

They should have had a performance on the North-East line and SBS and celebrate the opening of the world's first driverless train system. They could get various TCS actors/actresses to speak out on how much they loved the system; especially how they love paying higher fares despite the glitches still not fixed in the system, or how they like the fact that the Buangkok station remains closed which means the train moves faster because they don't need to stop at that station, or how with the new line the bus services along the route are removed so that they do not need to face the dilemma whether to take the train or the bus when they travel. And then add a skit that shows those residents who complain about the higher fares, removal of bus services ,or the closure of Buangkok MRT station (aka traitors to Singapore) being persuaded by the government that they are wrong to complain....then make they chant "One People, One Nation, One Singapore!" (or risk being deported).
Crap I just found that I have to present the project I been working on at the sales conference in Bangkok; you know like in front of god knows how many people , probably a couple of hundred cos its for the while Asia-Pacific region. I am seriously freaking out right now. Maybe I can ask my mommy to talk to my boss and persuade him to let me off.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

New pictures!

5 pictures of my dogs, 1 picture of my new Hush Puppies shoes. Click Here

Saturday, August 09, 2003

Insighful look at my own blog

Just realised it's been a year since I started blogging. I created my blog on the 1st of August 2002, after some persuasion by Diana, a net friend of mine, who however doesn't blog anymore. But I didn't really care much about my blog or updating it regularly until a month later, when certain events occured in my life that affected me in a really bad way, so I turned to blogging for a cheapo form of therapy. But once I started I didn't really wanna stop, cos it did make me feel a whole lot better and also I felt the idea of expressing my thoughts into words rather liberating. Cos I am sure there are times when everyone feels the need to express their thoughts or emotions to someone else, especially someone who is willing to listen. OK now let me get back to my porn movie.
Was supposed to meet my net friend today for lunch but she had to postpone it , no biggie but now I am stuck at home with nothing to do. It's only noon but I am already feeling bored as hell. Maybe I will dl and watch Star Wars Ep 2

Watched Austin Powers: Goldmember yesterday night cos a lot of friends were saying it was really funny, but I thought it was rather unfunny, I laughed like twice during the whole show. But have to admit the cameos by Paltrow, Spacey, Cruise were pretty amazing. Especially Paltrow.

I need to stop being so paranoid. Thought I did something to creep out a gal friend of mine a couple of days ago; but ended up that it was all in my head...*sigh of relief* .... well I did it once before so it was like deja vu you see. But it turned out that she was just having a bad day.

Oh yeah I saw a bunch of teenage Ah Bengs at the bus stop on the way to work yesterday. I think there were 7 of them , the youngest looked like he was at most 11 , the oldest 15. And they were ALL smoking, well they were sharing 2 ciggies between them but even the youngest guy was smoking. I dun know I just find it kinda sad. At 11 shouldnt you be like playing catching and stuff instead of smoking?

OK all those non-singaporeans , please go to this website where you can win a trip to Singapore plus shopping vouchers and stuff.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Weekend is here !!!

Eh no, got one more day right. Damm. Actually we were given 1/2 a day off tommorow but there is this (totally optional) training conducted by one of my superiors. I was talking to him about it now so I think it wouldn't be so nice to not go now. But it does ends at 4 , so I will just leave after that. And also I just got a TINY push from one superior regarding the big project that I am working on, got around 10 days to wrap it up AND come up with a complete write-up. Trust me it's gonna be really tight, and still got the trip to Bangkok on the 19th to prepare for. I don't know if I should get one of those luggage bags. I thought my sis had one but she had one of those huge sport bags, she used that for her trips. I am going with 2 of my superiors, sekali they see me with the sports bag like so unprofessional like that.

Probably gonna meet a net friend this Saturday, been talking to her on the phone for the last couple of weeks so I am kinda looking forward to it. YES I do have a lot of net friends, most of whom I 'met' during my 8 months of employment, I had no money to go out, and I felt guilty about asking my folks for money also, so basically spend most of the 8 months at home, when I wasn't going for interviews and stuff. Anyway I got so bored so decided to go online on ICQ and look for chicks to talk to. Tried IRC but didn't really like it, i tried talking to this gal once and she immediately asked for my height and weight. Talk about shallow, I just wanted to talk! The others I met through their blogs. There are a couple of them whom I really wished I got to know much earlier cos they are such amazing people, really glad I got to know them. People like C.

A friend did something today that I didn't have balls to do. More power to him i say.

Ok got to make this appeal to everyone: Some things that I blog about I don't really like to discuss in person, so please do not bring it up alright. Of course, I know that my blog is public and if I wanted to keep it private I shouldn't be blogging about it, but don't wanna waste time explaining why I do, cos from experience non-bloggers won't understand. So this is just a request , not a demand. Thank you.

sekali = whats the english translation ?

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Had to do a presentation during today's monthly meeting. I still got a tad nervous while doing it; I guess it's probably because I am not used to being the main focus of attention, it makes me really uncomfortable. I have been feeling rather irritable the last couple of days for no reason at all, little things at work or in online conversations the last few days are really getting on my nerves; stuff that would normally not bother me, man hope this passes really soon cos I hate feeling this way.

Called a friend just now she just came back from Pennsylvania (sp?) where she was for the past 3 months, she had a totally great time there, hell she and her froend even chased a tornado in their car, just like in the movie Twister , and she took some pictures also, I will put them up as soon as she sends them to me, with her permission of course.

Sometimes hearing about all this experiences of my friends have make me realise that I have had a really boring life the last 24 years. I can't really recall one truly exciting thing that I did in my entire life, and that's kinda sad. Most of it was because I have always been afraid to take risks because of the fear of failure, and I do know it's something I need to overcome and I am trying to, but like they say it's easier said than done.

Oh and this is for people who forward those emails to everyone else, you know the ones that promise you money or a handphone or good luck if you forward them. I really HATE those emails by the way, so if you are one of them who does that you know what to do.

Monday, August 04, 2003

I am going to Bangkok!!

Ok the title has nothing to do with this entry but just thought I would remind you guys that I am going to Bangkok!!! OK back to entry. As I and my colleagues were walking to a nearby coffeeshop for lunch, we heard a loud screech followed by incessant (me trying to sound cheem) honking. As I looked down from the bridge, I saw this car stopping just in front of the ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) gantry. It was pretty obvious the bloody driver forgot to put in his cashcard so he stopped abruptly just to do that. It was such a dumb thing to do, if the car behind him didn't stop in time it could have been a really nasty accident. I don't know how much the fine is for not paying the toll but surely it isn't worth getting into an accident right. Some people just put money in front of everything else, even their own safety.

Oh just had the most heavenly pastry brought back from Australia by my fellow colleague, damm I forgot what it was called but its a lot like apple pie. If it was any more delicious I would have probably have had an orgasm there and then. I think they have it at this bakery place in Bugis also, must go there soon and try it again.

BTW got a new blog that you pple should check out, started by a net friend of mine, I think I was the inspiration behind it. Sigh feels so good to touch so many (online) lives in my small, humbly insignificant way.

UPDATE : Shammi just clarified that I was NOT the inspiration behind the blog. Hmm I am still skeptical though, I think I was, at least subconsciously.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

So went for the meeting at NUS at 10 am in the morning; the guy we met kept rambling on and on about what he and his students were currently doing and his vision for the future. Some of it was pretty impressive I have to admit; but had nothing to do with the project we are doing with them. So what could have been a short 1/2 hour meeting dragged on for an hour and a half, and that was because because he had another appointment (thank god). However the project | am working on will certainly help bring funding to the organization if we get it off successfully; so hopefully I can complete it asap.

I paid my sister a visit after that cos it was her off day; well I haven't seen her in around 2 months so decided to just check out what she's been doing. Ended up staying over, still here right now. Had chicken pie last night for dinner made my her mom-in-law; man it was pretty heavenly and at least a welcome change from the rice/curry combo that I have almost everyday at home!

Pretty interesting article in today's Life section of the Strait Times about inter-racial relationships and how they are more socially acceptable (or tolerated?) today. But an Indian gal friend mentioned an interesting fact : that although Indian guys with Chinese girlfriends are pretty common now, the opposite is really rare; that is you almost always never see Indian gals with Chinese boyfriends. Wonder why is that ?

P.S What is a reasonable selling price for a 2nd hand Omega external CD-Writer ( 48x24x48) ?

Friday, August 01, 2003

How come you still here?

That was what I said to the temperature gal when I saw her outside with another gal the building where I worked. Yes I am an idiot. Of course I knew that as soon as I said the words, but it was too late. Well she did reply me though, told me she came to visit her friend who was working there. But after that I just said bye (I think I said bye) and scurried away before I said anything worse, don't know if that was possible though. "How come you still here?" ??? What the hell was I thinking? Sheesh ok maybe from now on I would like to be known as the Indian (Dumb)Ass. Oh well she and her friends were probably lesbians! It was almost as bad as the time when I went out with this totally hot gal, probably the hottest gal I ever met, and she asked me out for coffee after we went to watch a movie, and I replied "I don't like to drink coffee....". Still have nightmares about that date.
Crap just found out that I gotta go to NUS for a last minute meeting tommorow morning. Note to self: Do NOT ever complain that you have nothing to do on a Saturday ever again.
I blogged about having a dream about one of my relatives a couple days ago. Well last night I got news that she was asked to leave her house by her husband. Quite a bizarre coincidence rite. But it's kinda sad cos she has two really young kids, but she is better off without him in my opinion. But then again its always easy to judge when you aren't involved in it yourself.

Watched the finale of Joe Millionaire on Wednesday; Evan picked Zora, just as I hoped, and then the surprise twist was revealed ; they were given 1 million dollars to start their new life together. But I later found out that the finale and pretty much the other episodes as well was heavily edited to mislead the viewers. Kinda makes you wonder how real the other reality shows on TV are as well. Well if you want to read some of the inside scoop on the show go here. But you might not want to if you are going to watch next week's episode.