Sunday, July 27, 2003

Went for the wedding of 2 of my junior college friends today ; they been together since then and that was like 8 years ago, it's really cool and I am happy for them. But it kinda sucked when me and my friends had to be separated at the reception, basically the guys and the gals had to sit at different tables away from each other. Yeah a little too strict for my liking, but well it's their custom so we have to respect them even if we don't understand or agree with it right. But the invitation card specified that men and women couldn't SIT at the same table, so I was suggesting to my guy friends that we STAND around the table where our gal friends sat, but they didn't really wanna go for it. Cowards ! But i pity our gal friends though, they were visibly upset that they had to be separated from the Indian Stallion for lunch. After the reception, the rest of us went for some coffee where we talked for like an hour plus; it was really nice catching up with them, hope to do it again really soon.

Listening to the Mars Volta album online now, damm really regret not buying it at HMV that time I saw it ; instead I ordered it at Borders cos I could get it a dollar cheaper, but it will take like a month to arrive. Can anyone say "damm cheapskate loser" ?

Oh ya a friend of mine told me a couple of days ago that I seemed really different on the phone from my online/blog persona. And it got me thinking about stuff. Like what happened with that gal. But she's right, I have to try and not be so insecure.

BTW alright if the temperature gal is there tommorow, I am gonna ask for her number ! Cos after tommorow I am going back to NTU to work. Hope I have the balls to do it. Oh crap I forgot her name.....

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