Thursday, July 31, 2003

Today was temperature gal's last day, she told me they were going to get another gal when she was taking my temperature in the morning. And I was looking for a nice time to ask for her number, hell I even pretended to go to the toilet like 4 times in the afternoon but everytime she was talking to some other chick. Oh well.

Oh noticed something strange today, while on the MRT train I was watching this ad on the tv screen they had in the train; it showed a Chinese guy boxing with a black dude and the Chinese guy got knocked out. But when he was on the floor , the guy waving his arms in victory was also Chinese! Wonder what happened to the black dude. Pretty weird, I wonder if anyone else noticed that.

I really can't wait for the weekend cos I am feeling quite drained right now, really need a break from the workplace badly. Just one more day though ...but as usual no plans lined up for the Saturday, maybe ask a couple of my friends to go shoot pool.

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