Wednesday, July 02, 2003

TIme waits for no one....

I just got my EZLink Card GIRO-Enabled. It's pretty easy all you gotta do is select the GIRO option at the Ticketing Machine at the MRT station and choose the amount of cash you wanna top up everytime the card runs out of money. So once the card has a negative value it will top up automatically the next ride that you take. Now don't need to waste that ONE MINUTE every few weeks to top up my card manually.

I always wondered why people like to rush up the escalators on the MRT station. Especially when the display shows that the train won't arrive for the next 4 minutes or so; even if they reach the platform first it wouldn't make a difference rite. Does anyone else do that? Leave a comment and explain it to me alright. And also when I get off the Boon Lay MRT Station people will never wait for me to exit first before they rush into the train. It got me so irritated that now i purposely bang into them (I'm a pretty big guy) when I leave the train. Childish I know , but hell they started it !

Went to Music Junction on Monday but they didn't have the Mars Volta CD; not sure if they gonna bring it in which means I might have to get it from Tower or HMV which is gonna cost me like a lot more.
My tasks have been piling up over the last couple months so I told myself a couple seconds ago that I would I try to get one of them done by today. Wish me luck. By the way I really like my awfully pretentious title.

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