Thursday, July 24, 2003

Spend the last hour reading game reviews at Have to say I haven't laughed so hard in a while, the reviewer has really a gift for really mean and sarcastic humour. A sample below:

"Based on the way the graphics look in this game, I am guessing they were created when the software team, angry at the programmer who coded the terrible AI by opening up Visual C++ and karate chopping the keyboard four hundred times, pinned him to a table and beat him with a programming manual until he vomited all over a nearby scanner and bled to death. Of course this was before they realized that they had gotten the wrong guy and had accidentally killed their one-man art team, so they solemnly decided to scan his vomit and use it for all the textures in order to honor his memory."

Going over to my big boss's place tommorow night for Pizza and KFC , a kind of get together for the members of the team. But its kinda difficult for me to relax when he is around, he makes me a little nervous. But hell who cares cos I love pizza ! Gonna starve myself the whole of tommorow so I can meet more in the evening!

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