Saturday, July 26, 2003

So the evening at the big boss's place turned out to be pretty ok ; although there maybe could have been more pizzas rather than KFC chicken but hell it's free so I shouldn't be complaning also. Anyway had a nice time chatting with my colleagues and near the end we chatted with the big boss, well he was doing most of the talking, I guess me and my colleagues still a tad uncomfortable holding a conversation with him because we don't see him that often.

Met my Junior College(JC) friends for drinks at the Bark Cafe at Changi at night, one of them was with her boyfriend, and they were so affectionate with each other I was starting to feel a tad envious.....sigh. Anyway it was really great catching up with them although we only met up for slightly more than an hour. But going to meet them again (and a bunch of other JC friends) in a couple of hours for another friend's wedding reception so it's gonna be like a mini class reunion.

Oh I shared a mini barrel of Tiger with one of them at the cafe , so by the end of the session I was kinda high already. However it really helped loosen my tongue when I talked to my friend on the phone when I got back home, I was yapping away like nobody's business instead of the usual case where she does most of the talking. Hmm maybe I should make it a point to drink everytime before I talk to a gal on the phone.

Oh I found out something interesting yesterday : the numbers from 13 to 19 all end with the word "teen" right., e.g. thir-teen. And people who fall within the age range 13-19 are considered teens. Hmm so I am just wondering if thats how the words teens came about! What do you think?

Oh and a weird thing about Central Mall (the building in which my company's main office is) . There are two floors that are called "2" and "2A" . That seems a little weird in my opinion, why didn't they just name 2A "3" instead. Kinda reminded me of the movie "Being John Malkovich" which featured a building with an office floor on the 6 1/2 level. People who worked on that floor had to jam the lift just after it passes 6 and then use a crowbar to force open the door and crawl out to the 6 1/2 level, which by the way was only 1/2 the height of a normal floor. Yes it was a really bizarre movie, but also probably one of my all time favourites as well. You should watch it if you haven't already.

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