Monday, July 14, 2003

It's really easy to make assumptions about people based on the way they dress/talk/look. But from a conversation that I had with a gal friend earlier I realised that those assumptions can be really off the mark sometimes; and the revelation now made me look at her in a totally different light. And I mean in a good way. Makes me wonder what assumptions people make about me.

Btw you probably heard about the Raffles Junior College teacher who was caught on video tearing up her student's homework. Well if you wanna see the video you can go here. But seriously don't think it's that big a deal, i got and saw worse treatment in school. I got chalk thrown right in my eye by a teacher for not paying attention; and another teacher tore off the front page of my textbook because I cracked a joke that he didn't like.

Finally for a good laugh check out Mr Brown's page. I used to read his writings faithfully, they are incredibly funny but he went on a hiatus middle of last year. Seems like he's started writing regularly again so be sure to check it out. He pokes fun at the government, the water issue, the new NE MRT line, basically anything that singaporeans can identify with .
Ok back to work. Damm sleepy though.

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