Thursday, July 10, 2003

I got the chance to work from home yesterday; and I stayed up until 5:30 am this morning still doing work. Heh it's amazing how much difference not having to travel 3 hours in a day makes. Usually when I get back from work , I am so tired I just don't feel like doing any work-related stuff. Anyway I didn't get much done in the afternoon because I had a really bad headache so that was also another reason I stayed up so late. Ok enough about work; I am getting bored just blogging about it.

A pretty bizarre incident happened at the MRT Station today. I saw this guy actually trying to get thro the station gates without paying ! He was following another commuter really closely and after she went through ,the guy tried to go thro the gates before it closed on him but he failed. But he just went to another gate and tried again and he succeeded this time. Some people will do anything just to save a buck.>

My company is having a function at the Grand Hyatt Hotel tommorow afternoon and there is gonna be a lunch buffet kinda thing and a 'rock' band performing so I am kinda curious to see what kind of music they gonna play; ok its probably gonna be stuff like Bon Jovi and Scorpions (yucks) but hey who knows I might get lucky and get some RHCP songs at least.

Watched Joe Millionaire yesterday; it's down to Zora and the banker chick whom I can't quite remember the name. I think it's pretty obvious that the banker chick will outright reject him ; like hello she's a banking executive, and she's pretty classy so doubt she would go for him without his money. However Zora would also probably reject him because she is pretty guarded so once he finds out that he lied she would probably just figure that he isn't someone she could trust. Can't wait to see it next week. Yes I know it ended i's run in the USA quite a while back so please dun post any spoilers thank u.

As you might or might not notice, my entries have been decreasing in frequency except during the weekends; heh it's probably gonna be like that from now on . What to do work can really kill the mood to blog sometimes.

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