Saturday, July 12, 2003

Home on a Saturday

Spend a better part of the day doing work-related stuff. I really hate to stay at home on weekends, feel like I am wasting my life away by doing that. There is a blues festival today and tommorow which I would really love to go to but got no one to go with. Note to myself: I need more friends.

Today was my dad's birthday and we went to this nearby kopi tiam (coffeeshop) for dinner, it was a pretty low key affair. Thank god it wasn't as awkward as it was the last few years when my mom will kept pestering me to wish my dad 'Happy Birthday'. I guess this year she finally gave up. Thank you god.
Found a 24-hour Hungarian porn channel on the net, ok one more thing to keep myself busy with when I'm at home on weekends !

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