Saturday, July 05, 2003

Getting Old?

Met my friend for dinner yesterday; he was my junior college classmate and he's getting married 3 weeks from now. It seems like everyone I know is getting married now, I think that is when you know you are getting old. But he and his girlfriend have been together for the last 8 years which is pretty amazing isn't it.
For me I still got 5 years more before Rani, my village virgin bride from Bombay, comes to Singapore so I guess I just have to wait patiently till then. But let me tell you I seen her picture and she's a hottie !

Ooooh I finally got someone to go with me to watch Finding Nemo! Well can't really blame her ; few gals can resist me when the Indian Stallion turns on the charm ....alright alright so I whined and begged her to go watch with me and threatened to cry if she didn't. Hell whatever it takes right , it's the result that matters not the means.

Oh Mars Volta's new album, De-Loused In The Comatorium, debuted at No. 39 on the Billboard charts ! It is quite a big surprise considering At the Drive-in's Relationship of Command didn't even break the top 100 (Mars Volta was formed by 2 of the members of At the Drive-In after they disbanded). I think its most probably due to the fact that they had Red Hot Chilli Peppers bassist Flea as their studio bassist for this album and also they were touring with RHCP so that kinda raised their profile a bit. I tried looking for the album at Sembawang Music Centre at tampines but they didn't have it either. Really lazy to go down to Borders in town to get it; especially on weekends when it's so bloody crowded. I will probably just wait a couple more weeks and try again ; till then I will just listen to it online at the Rolling Stone website like I been doing everyday. But seriously people you need to go listen to it ; its totally out of this world, think punk meets prog-rock , or a punk version of Radiohead's OK Computer . And no the vocalist does not scream or shout; most of the time he sings and he has a really amazing voice. Check out 'Roulette Dares' to see what I mean.

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