Sunday, July 06, 2003

Finding Nemo

The movie was really good ; I usually don't like to watch animated features but everyone who saw the movie highly recommended it so I decided to give it a try. Well I am glad I did because it was a really funny yet surprisingly touching movie. And some parts of the movie were pretty scary; I probably wouldn't be able to look at a barracuda again without hatred in my eyes.; those fish are really evil I tell ya ! Ellen DeGeneres was really outstanding as Dory, the fish who only possesses short-term memory (immediately reminded me of Memento) . There were references to other movies as well ; but I will leave you to see it and find them out yourself. So basically I highly recommend it as well; wouldn't mind watching it again ! *hinting to any chicks who haven't seen it*
But there was this annoying kid beside me who practically remembered the movie by heart (god knows how many times he saw it) , and he was narrating the story to his friend or sister, thank god he didn't do it the whole movie; if i wasn't with a gal I would have probably punched him senseless.

Oh and had a great time with my net friend; was kinda afraid it would turned out awkward but she turned out to be pretty cool and chatty as well! Must ask her out again sometime.

Oh and here is the pic that Rani send me of herself.
pic of rani

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