Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Finally bought my shoes from Hush Puppies. Just went to the store and asked the salesgal what shoes were available in size 12. She showed me 2 shoes , one size 12 and the other size 11 but it was a pretty big cutting. The size 12 looked like something my uncle would wear so I settled for the 11, after trying it on of course, it was a pretty nice fit. Then the salesgals mentioned that there would be 10 percent discount if I paid by credit card, but i told her I didnt't and put on this really pitiful face, and guess what, she gave me the discount anyway ; thought it was really nice of her. But as I was trying the shoes out she was asking me if it is true what they said about men with big feet and I told her that I knew one way she could find out. Ok ok I made it up she didn't ask me that. But hell could see in her eyes she was really curious though!
So I wore the shoes to work today and 20 minutes into the journey my heel really started to hurt like hell, the damm shoe was biting into it. It got progressively worse until I was practically limping when I reached the office. Should have taken the uncle shoes. Oh well hope it gets better really soon.

Temperature gal didn't put the sticker on my shirt like she did the past few days .....I think she's angry with me or something. Dun know what I did also...Women!

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