Friday, July 25, 2003

Bert the Chick Magnet

Very eventful day. Firstly was this woman who called at 7 am to talk to my dad and woke me up; I told her my dad wasn't back yet and she called 5 minutes later ! I didn't pick up the 2nd time though , I just pulled out the phone line out of the socket. Speaking of which, my phone doesn't have an option of turning off the ringer (only has 'High" and "Low" settings) , how dumb is that. But really I can't stand people who call in the wee hours of the morning even though they know people are still sleeping at that time. My friend did that , and my mom's sister as well. Doesn't mean that if you wake up early everyone else has to also.

Anyway because of that annoyance I totally overslept and woke up at 9 am. By the time I got to work it was like close to 11. But then I went to the cute chick to take my temperature and what do you know, we started chatting! Ok not that long lah, around 5 mins but still it was pretty nice.

Oh me and my colleagues went to Brewerkz (sp?) for lunch and same thing happened, the waitress was really friendly towards me; asking me how i liked my food and if I would like anything else after i was done; she didn't ask my colleagues that. Sigh I tell you the air was thick with my colleagues's jealousy, but yeah sometimes its really hard being the Stallion. But I think it probably has to do with my haircut, cut it really short yesterday evening so now my scalp (which i always thought was the sexiest part of my body) is pretty much exposed and probably a turn on to the chicks.

Watched the first part of the final episode of The Bachelorrette yesterday night also, I preferred Ryan over the other guy who seemed way too smooth and clever with his words for my liking, it ended up making him looking pretty insincere in my eyes. Ryan was definitely more quiet and shy but he didn't hide his feelings for Trista which I think was cool; although he was really insecure and a little intense at the beginning when he asked Trista to express her feelings for him in words once in a while. Actually he reminds me of myself.

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