Friday, July 11, 2003

Band my ass !

It wasn't even a Bon Jovi tribute band, it was even worse. It was Cherry Chocolate Candy, the local pop gal trio. Talk about a big disappointment; I am pretty sure they mentioned the word 'Rock Band' in the email they sent out to us but have to check it again. Anyway the starting was cool cos they actually made us massage each other. I was sitting beside a gal so I was more than happy to oblige. Hey it's not everyday I get to have my (unusually large) hands on a gal's shoulders and neck alright, ok actually it's like never. But I had to massage the guy on my left as well; damm that wasn't fun at all. Ok now I think of it I dun know why I even did that voluntarily.

Anyway the worst part came when the 'rock band' proceeded to sing one of my most hated songs, the Ketchup song, and then tried to get us to do the Ketchup dance or whatever its called. I got the hell out of there in a hurry. Came back in for the lucky draw; I was really praying really hard to God to give me the !st prize which was a 3k hi fi sound system (my current one is totally screwed up) but well it didn't happen. Maybe God was too busy responding to prayers asking him to repair spoilt handphones.

But there were pretty good moments too, the MC got some people to go up on stage and do some really silly dances or act out stuff and they were pretty hilarious, some of them had the whole roomful of people laughing uncontrollably. And the food was totally awesome!
After the function I went to Borders to look for the Mars Volta CD. It still wasn't in yet. Was really tempted to get Led Zeppelin's new 3-CD live album but it was like 39 bucks; I will try Music Junction over the weekend to see if I can get cheaper there. Yeah I have always been really thrifty (miserly?) when it comes to spending money on myself but on the other hand I got no problem splurging on friends. Hmm maybe someone with a psych major can tell me why ?

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