Sunday, July 20, 2003

As I type this I am listening to the CD I just bought at Borders just now , How the West Was Won by Led Zeppelin. Blogged about this CD couple weeks back. There is also a DVD version of the album but I don't have a DVD player :( . Anyway it sounds really good so far , but I prefer the versions of the songs from the BBC Sessions album. However I am only in the middle of the first CD in this 3-CD album, ergo have to reserve my judgement of the album until I listen to it in its entirety.

Oh please do go and see City of God , a really engrossing movie that follows the lives of a group of children in the slums of Brazil which, although referred to as the City of God by its residents, is more like a hellhole where kids go around with guns looting and shooting at will. The movie is really violent though; some scenes are really disturbing and made me wonder if the movie is actually based on a true story. But when the credits roll a footage of a tv news interview is shown, and it is exactly identical to a scene in the movie except that this time it's the actual gangster talking to the camera rather than the actor. Of couse some parts were probably dramatised but still a very welcome change from the usual Hollywood fare. Highly recommended !

Oh forgot to mention ...heh I got a net friend to go with me to watch the movie, thank god , cos was seriously planning to go see it alone. Had quite a good time , and I think I kinda swept her off her feet !

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