Thursday, July 31, 2003

Today was temperature gal's last day, she told me they were going to get another gal when she was taking my temperature in the morning. And I was looking for a nice time to ask for her number, hell I even pretended to go to the toilet like 4 times in the afternoon but everytime she was talking to some other chick. Oh well.

Oh noticed something strange today, while on the MRT train I was watching this ad on the tv screen they had in the train; it showed a Chinese guy boxing with a black dude and the Chinese guy got knocked out. But when he was on the floor , the guy waving his arms in victory was also Chinese! Wonder what happened to the black dude. Pretty weird, I wonder if anyone else noticed that.

I really can't wait for the weekend cos I am feeling quite drained right now, really need a break from the workplace badly. Just one more day though ...but as usual no plans lined up for the Saturday, maybe ask a couple of my friends to go shoot pool.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Finally bought my shoes from Hush Puppies. Just went to the store and asked the salesgal what shoes were available in size 12. She showed me 2 shoes , one size 12 and the other size 11 but it was a pretty big cutting. The size 12 looked like something my uncle would wear so I settled for the 11, after trying it on of course, it was a pretty nice fit. Then the salesgals mentioned that there would be 10 percent discount if I paid by credit card, but i told her I didnt't and put on this really pitiful face, and guess what, she gave me the discount anyway ; thought it was really nice of her. But as I was trying the shoes out she was asking me if it is true what they said about men with big feet and I told her that I knew one way she could find out. Ok ok I made it up she didn't ask me that. But hell could see in her eyes she was really curious though!
So I wore the shoes to work today and 20 minutes into the journey my heel really started to hurt like hell, the damm shoe was biting into it. It got progressively worse until I was practically limping when I reached the office. Should have taken the uncle shoes. Oh well hope it gets better really soon.

Temperature gal didn't put the sticker on my shirt like she did the past few days .....I think she's angry with me or something. Dun know what I did also...Women!

Tuesday, July 29, 2003


Had a really vivid and long dream last night. I dreamt I was at this place having dinner with a relative and her husband. And then I asked her if she wanted to go and see a movie with me after dinner, her husband had to go somewhere . She asked her husband and he rather hesitantly agreed, but told me not to try anything funny (or something to that effect). I then remember us going to the cinema, I think it was the old Cathay cinema that used to be at City Hall but don't remember watching the movie. Next thing I knew I was at her house and she was being verbally abused by her husband and her mother-in-law. And for some reason I knew she was also physically abused by her hubby as well. I tried to persuade her to leave the house with me but she was way too frightened of them to leave eventhough she really wanted to. Then someone locked the gate to her house and she couldn't leave anymore, I was standing outside looking in.

My shoes finally gave up on me, the front part of the sole came off as I went back home so I am wearing my ultra tight leather shoes today. Going to go down to Tampines to get a new pair from Hush Puppies later. Oh and need to get a credit card and luggage bags for my Thailand trip !

Monday, July 28, 2003

It's official : I ain't got no balls. Couldn't do it lah, chickened out at the last second. Oh well, story of my life.
But on the plus side I am going to Bangkok, Thailand on the 20th to 22th of next month. It's my first time by plane and to a place further than KL so I am really excited about it.

Man I am feeling really stressed now cos working on this project with a pretty siao on superior. Help!

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Went for the wedding of 2 of my junior college friends today ; they been together since then and that was like 8 years ago, it's really cool and I am happy for them. But it kinda sucked when me and my friends had to be separated at the reception, basically the guys and the gals had to sit at different tables away from each other. Yeah a little too strict for my liking, but well it's their custom so we have to respect them even if we don't understand or agree with it right. But the invitation card specified that men and women couldn't SIT at the same table, so I was suggesting to my guy friends that we STAND around the table where our gal friends sat, but they didn't really wanna go for it. Cowards ! But i pity our gal friends though, they were visibly upset that they had to be separated from the Indian Stallion for lunch. After the reception, the rest of us went for some coffee where we talked for like an hour plus; it was really nice catching up with them, hope to do it again really soon.

Listening to the Mars Volta album online now, damm really regret not buying it at HMV that time I saw it ; instead I ordered it at Borders cos I could get it a dollar cheaper, but it will take like a month to arrive. Can anyone say "damm cheapskate loser" ?

Oh ya a friend of mine told me a couple of days ago that I seemed really different on the phone from my online/blog persona. And it got me thinking about stuff. Like what happened with that gal. But she's right, I have to try and not be so insecure.

BTW alright if the temperature gal is there tommorow, I am gonna ask for her number ! Cos after tommorow I am going back to NTU to work. Hope I have the balls to do it. Oh crap I forgot her name.....
Very funny videos, subtitles by Sangeeta, a net friend of mine!
Fanta Shokata 1
Fanta Shokata 2

Saturday, July 26, 2003

So the evening at the big boss's place turned out to be pretty ok ; although there maybe could have been more pizzas rather than KFC chicken but hell it's free so I shouldn't be complaning also. Anyway had a nice time chatting with my colleagues and near the end we chatted with the big boss, well he was doing most of the talking, I guess me and my colleagues still a tad uncomfortable holding a conversation with him because we don't see him that often.

Met my Junior College(JC) friends for drinks at the Bark Cafe at Changi at night, one of them was with her boyfriend, and they were so affectionate with each other I was starting to feel a tad envious.....sigh. Anyway it was really great catching up with them although we only met up for slightly more than an hour. But going to meet them again (and a bunch of other JC friends) in a couple of hours for another friend's wedding reception so it's gonna be like a mini class reunion.

Oh I shared a mini barrel of Tiger with one of them at the cafe , so by the end of the session I was kinda high already. However it really helped loosen my tongue when I talked to my friend on the phone when I got back home, I was yapping away like nobody's business instead of the usual case where she does most of the talking. Hmm maybe I should make it a point to drink everytime before I talk to a gal on the phone.

Oh I found out something interesting yesterday : the numbers from 13 to 19 all end with the word "teen" right., e.g. thir-teen. And people who fall within the age range 13-19 are considered teens. Hmm so I am just wondering if thats how the words teens came about! What do you think?

Oh and a weird thing about Central Mall (the building in which my company's main office is) . There are two floors that are called "2" and "2A" . That seems a little weird in my opinion, why didn't they just name 2A "3" instead. Kinda reminded me of the movie "Being John Malkovich" which featured a building with an office floor on the 6 1/2 level. People who worked on that floor had to jam the lift just after it passes 6 and then use a crowbar to force open the door and crawl out to the 6 1/2 level, which by the way was only 1/2 the height of a normal floor. Yes it was a really bizarre movie, but also probably one of my all time favourites as well. You should watch it if you haven't already.

Friday, July 25, 2003

Bert the Chick Magnet

Very eventful day. Firstly was this woman who called at 7 am to talk to my dad and woke me up; I told her my dad wasn't back yet and she called 5 minutes later ! I didn't pick up the 2nd time though , I just pulled out the phone line out of the socket. Speaking of which, my phone doesn't have an option of turning off the ringer (only has 'High" and "Low" settings) , how dumb is that. But really I can't stand people who call in the wee hours of the morning even though they know people are still sleeping at that time. My friend did that , and my mom's sister as well. Doesn't mean that if you wake up early everyone else has to also.

Anyway because of that annoyance I totally overslept and woke up at 9 am. By the time I got to work it was like close to 11. But then I went to the cute chick to take my temperature and what do you know, we started chatting! Ok not that long lah, around 5 mins but still it was pretty nice.

Oh me and my colleagues went to Brewerkz (sp?) for lunch and same thing happened, the waitress was really friendly towards me; asking me how i liked my food and if I would like anything else after i was done; she didn't ask my colleagues that. Sigh I tell you the air was thick with my colleagues's jealousy, but yeah sometimes its really hard being the Stallion. But I think it probably has to do with my haircut, cut it really short yesterday evening so now my scalp (which i always thought was the sexiest part of my body) is pretty much exposed and probably a turn on to the chicks.

Watched the first part of the final episode of The Bachelorrette yesterday night also, I preferred Ryan over the other guy who seemed way too smooth and clever with his words for my liking, it ended up making him looking pretty insincere in my eyes. Ryan was definitely more quiet and shy but he didn't hide his feelings for Trista which I think was cool; although he was really insecure and a little intense at the beginning when he asked Trista to express her feelings for him in words once in a while. Actually he reminds me of myself.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Spend the last hour reading game reviews at Have to say I haven't laughed so hard in a while, the reviewer has really a gift for really mean and sarcastic humour. A sample below:

"Based on the way the graphics look in this game, I am guessing they were created when the software team, angry at the programmer who coded the terrible AI by opening up Visual C++ and karate chopping the keyboard four hundred times, pinned him to a table and beat him with a programming manual until he vomited all over a nearby scanner and bled to death. Of course this was before they realized that they had gotten the wrong guy and had accidentally killed their one-man art team, so they solemnly decided to scan his vomit and use it for all the textures in order to honor his memory."

Going over to my big boss's place tommorow night for Pizza and KFC , a kind of get together for the members of the team. But its kinda difficult for me to relax when he is around, he makes me a little nervous. But hell who cares cos I love pizza ! Gonna starve myself the whole of tommorow so I can meet more in the evening!

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

I would like to extend a really long middle finger to TCS 5, for falsely misleading me for the 2nd week running that the Joe Millionaire finale was going to be telecasted today.
Hmm the cute chick who takes my temperature everyday at work did something diffferent today; she placed the sticker on my chest!; ok on my shirt but around the chest area . The thing is usually she will ask me to take the sticker myself. Must be the new cologne that I am wearing. But really I think they should make it so that she has to wear a nurse's uniform, that would really make my day I tell ya !

Still trying to get used to working in the new office; but one thing i really don't like is that some of the other people are really noisy sometimes and its kinda annoying when I'm blogging ...err i mean working.

Monday, July 21, 2003

I saw the weirdest thing at Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station as I walked towards the NE line to take the train to Chinatown. It was a horizontal escalator which was around 50 meters, you know like the ones you see at the airport but much shorter. I can understand the use of those escalators at the airport, its probably for people with heavy luggage but I can't understand what purpose it can serve in this case. Anyway such a escalator would be more useful at Outram in my opinion, it's a 5 minute walk to transfer to the NE line from the EW line.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

As I type this I am listening to the CD I just bought at Borders just now , How the West Was Won by Led Zeppelin. Blogged about this CD couple weeks back. There is also a DVD version of the album but I don't have a DVD player :( . Anyway it sounds really good so far , but I prefer the versions of the songs from the BBC Sessions album. However I am only in the middle of the first CD in this 3-CD album, ergo have to reserve my judgement of the album until I listen to it in its entirety.

Oh please do go and see City of God , a really engrossing movie that follows the lives of a group of children in the slums of Brazil which, although referred to as the City of God by its residents, is more like a hellhole where kids go around with guns looting and shooting at will. The movie is really violent though; some scenes are really disturbing and made me wonder if the movie is actually based on a true story. But when the credits roll a footage of a tv news interview is shown, and it is exactly identical to a scene in the movie except that this time it's the actual gangster talking to the camera rather than the actor. Of couse some parts were probably dramatised but still a very welcome change from the usual Hollywood fare. Highly recommended !

Oh forgot to mention ...heh I got a net friend to go with me to watch the movie, thank god , cos was seriously planning to go see it alone. Had quite a good time , and I think I kinda swept her off her feet !

Saturday, July 19, 2003

Talked to a net friend on the phone for close to 5 hours last night ; it's a new record for me, hell the longest time I been on the phone was probably like 2 hours , andthat was with a guy, but let's not go there. But it was a really pleasant experience and I am probably gonna meet up with her next week!

I have always wanted to do a '50 things about me' list like I have seen in a lot of blogs out there but I don't know if I will ever be able to. I guess there are a lot of things about me that I still wanna keep private from some of my real life friends/colleagues. And I am pretty sure some of those things will surprise them a lot also or even find hard to believe. Maybe 1 day I will be able to put up such a list but don't think it's anytime soon.

Anyway spend the whole afternoon at the vet, brought Boy and Bobby to the vet. Boy for his monthly injection to curb his skin infection and Bobby for his cataracts and bad breath due to his bad gums and teeth. Also got them to shave Boy bald, he looks really cute now I am gonna put up a picture really soon alright so you guys can check him out. Anyway the final bill came up to 190 bucks, yeah that was a 1/10th of my salary gone in 2 hours :( . Sigh the things you do for the kids.

Mozilla 1.4 Vs. Internet Explorer

OK a very tech-geeky post: I been using the Mozilla browser and email client for quite a few months now; it is now my default browser. I did try using it a year ago but it was really unstable, buggy and really slow but the latest version is a totally different story. For the uninitiated, Mozilla is an open-source web browser/email client software that was created using Netscape's source code after it was released to the public. You can read more about them and download the browserhere.

Anyway Mozilla has a lot of advantages over IE6 , firstly it allows tabbed browsing which means you do not need to open every new explorer window for every new webpage like you have to do in IE, instead you can open them in tabs . It also blocks pop-up windows which you get if you go to porn sites or even sites like geocities which can get really annoying. But lets say u wanna allow a site to display pop-ups , for examples blogs with pop up comment windows, all u have to do is click the exclamation mark at the lower right hand side of the browser and click add in the window that appears and it will allow that site to display pop-ups permanently. You can also search for words on a web page without opening the find window, all you have to do is type "/" and then start typing the word u wanna look for. To find the next occurence of the word just press F3. You can even look for links!

The email client is also vastly superior to Outlook Express. You can filter emails in your Inbox by sender, for example you can display only all emails by a certain friend or even view those that aren't in your address book. You can also color code your emails for example , Red as in urgent or Yellow for tasks to do later. Lastly it has a spam mail control filter that has really helped me with my spam, it filters spam into a separate folder or deletes it, depending on your preference. It has a lot of other message rules and filters as well that you can use to make email management much easier.

The disadvantage is some web pages use IE-specific javascript functions such as scrolling windows which cannot display in the Mozilla browser. And also some sites like do not support streaming videos in non-IE browser. However , this is not a fault of Mozilla but rather the over-reliance of web developers to cater only to IE users. The W3C has definite browser standards that all browsers are recommended to follow but Microsoft created their own additional standards so as to frustrate non-IE users. Also Microsoft has not done any major updates to IE in a long while , probably because they know they are the overwhelming force in the browser market so they probably feel there is no urgent need to improved the browser's functionality.
Anyway do at least try it out alright , its a 13MB download , and hopefully you will love it as much as I do. Oh 1 more thing , unlike IE when it crashes it doesn't bring down the whole desktop with you. But I have yet to see it crash on my Windows XP machine at home, only at work on my Solaris machine.
The link to boy doesn't work so here is another!

Friday, July 18, 2003

Down with flu :(

Caught the sniffles this morning and now feeling really hot and bothered. Brought home a company workstation back home yesterday; our centre is under renovation so it would be useful when I wanna install and test out some of my ...err..stuff. Anyway how many people can say they have a computer with a 64-bit processor at home eh ; I am gonna brag about it to all my (net) friends. OK I am such a geek.
Oh go read today's TODAY paper cos Mr Brown wrote a really funny article in it regarding the RJC incident . Btw there was also an article in it where they say that women should not wear bras as they are "an unnecessary undergarment forced on women by society as a statement of modesty, albeit a false one."
Well as a strong advocate of women's rights I have to agree; women have suffered long enough; its time for chicks to give the middle finger to the unreasonable demands of society and let it all hang out !

I have failed miserably in my attempt to get a chick to go see City of God with me. They are either under-aged (it's RA) or not free or not interested in watching a foreign language movie. I never quite understand why some people wouldn't even consider watch a movie unless it's a hollywood blockbuster or has a well-known star/director in it. I mean at least give them a try before you say you don't like them right. *frustrated*

Listening to : Portishead's Dummy, Ani DiFranco 's Dilate , Marilyn Manson's Antichrist Superstar

how could you do nothing
and say, i'm doing my best
how could you take almost everything
and then come back for the rest
how could you beg me to stay,
reach out your hands and plead
and then pack up your eyes and run away
as soon as i agreed

Done Wrong by Ani DiFranco

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

If it is too good to be true, ...

Got some really disappointing news, the kind that basically screwed up my plans for the next few months. Oh well like they say, if it is too good to be true, it probably is. And i should have known better because it happened to me once before not that long ago. I think from now on, I am gonna treat all news/opportunities/gals that fall into the 'too good to be true' category with a large healthy dose of skeptism. That way you don't get too disappointed if it doesn't materialise.

Listening to : Bjork's Vespertine, Slipknot's Self-titled, Jimi Hendrix's Are You Experienced?

Tuesday, July 15, 2003


Alright read a letter in the Straits Times Forum today by a Mr. George Lim who protests rather strongly against the goverment allow gay people to hold key positions within the government. His argument is that homosexuality is morally wrong (doesn't really say why) and therefore socially unacceptable. So he is afraid that through the government's decision , that gays will slowly be accepted into society resulting in gay marriages and then in the future even be allowed to adopt and raise children, which he doesn't believe should ever be allowed. And then he goes on to say that the government should take 'sound and responsible action to protect young citizens from the corrupting influence of immoral behaviour'. Of cos the immoral behavior is homosexuality. Oh and he put homosexuals in the same category as criminals.

Ok in my opinion the biggest problem is all the arguments he puts forth is based on his beliefs and what he has heard rather than actual facts. He does not present any facts to support his claiim that gays are not born but rather made due to "negative influences in their lives' such as sexual abuse. Ditto for his claim that a child having gay parents would grow up corrupted and not knowing right from wrong. Or that gay people have the ability to influence children to be homosexuals themselves.

OK my own stand on homosexuality is that it is just a sexual preference ; the question of morality doesn't even come into play. Basically my principle in life is do whatever you want as long as you don't hurt anyone else. Very simplistic I know but it has served me pretty well so far. So by that principle there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. OK i have to admit I still feel uncomfortable seeing guys kiss , but thats my problem and I am trying to come to terms with it. And no I dun have any gay friends in real life either but then again I dun have that many straight friends either. Btw feel free to disagree with me of cos.

My New Camera!

Yes finally I bought my digital camera, the Canon Powershot A70 ! Comes with a lot of manual functions which I do not know how to use yet; but I am going to go through the user manual over the weekend and figure it out. In the meantime check out very amateurish pictures taken by me of my dogs last night. Heh the poor guys were sleeping but I kinda awoke them with my flash. Bobby actually seemed pretty annoyed at one point ,he was like glaring at me. Well bloody hell he can forget about dinner tonight ! Oh ya the url is here!

OK at the risk of sounding sad and desperate anyone interested to go see City of God, that Portuguese movie, with me ? Please ? Preferably a chick ? Btw it's RA.
Oh and I am also thinking of taking up guitar lessons; it's something I been wanting to do for a long time but just never got around to it. Thinking of signing up with the Yamaha school at Bedok Central. If anyone got any lobang (Singlish: special deal) I would be really grateful !

Was listening to one of my first ever rock CDs today at work today, Throwing Copper by Live. Man it's hard to believe that it's been such a long time since I got it , that was way back in junior college which makes it 8 years. Can still remember waking up at 3 am every Friday morning to watch Channel V's Billboard Top 20 Countdown on Channel 5; that was how I got to know about Live, Weezer, Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam;this was way before mp3s and I didn't even know how to use a computer yet. Heh and I remember blasting this album in my room really loudly when I was really pissed also just to annoy my parents....sigh that was teenage angst for ya !

Monday, July 14, 2003

Dumb Question

Ok this is a possibly dumb question but I really wanna know so here goes. I have seen a lot of ads lately featuring the new Samsung phone, not sure whats the model, but it has this 180 degree rotating camera lens. My question is why do you need rotating camera lens? Can't you just turn the phone around 180 degrees ?
It's really easy to make assumptions about people based on the way they dress/talk/look. But from a conversation that I had with a gal friend earlier I realised that those assumptions can be really off the mark sometimes; and the revelation now made me look at her in a totally different light. And I mean in a good way. Makes me wonder what assumptions people make about me.

Btw you probably heard about the Raffles Junior College teacher who was caught on video tearing up her student's homework. Well if you wanna see the video you can go here. But seriously don't think it's that big a deal, i got and saw worse treatment in school. I got chalk thrown right in my eye by a teacher for not paying attention; and another teacher tore off the front page of my textbook because I cracked a joke that he didn't like.

Finally for a good laugh check out Mr Brown's page. I used to read his writings faithfully, they are incredibly funny but he went on a hiatus middle of last year. Seems like he's started writing regularly again so be sure to check it out. He pokes fun at the government, the water issue, the new NE MRT line, basically anything that singaporeans can identify with .
Ok back to work. Damm sleepy though.

Saturday, July 12, 2003

Home on a Saturday

Spend a better part of the day doing work-related stuff. I really hate to stay at home on weekends, feel like I am wasting my life away by doing that. There is a blues festival today and tommorow which I would really love to go to but got no one to go with. Note to myself: I need more friends.

Today was my dad's birthday and we went to this nearby kopi tiam (coffeeshop) for dinner, it was a pretty low key affair. Thank god it wasn't as awkward as it was the last few years when my mom will kept pestering me to wish my dad 'Happy Birthday'. I guess this year she finally gave up. Thank you god.
Found a 24-hour Hungarian porn channel on the net, ok one more thing to keep myself busy with when I'm at home on weekends !

Friday, July 11, 2003

Band my ass !

It wasn't even a Bon Jovi tribute band, it was even worse. It was Cherry Chocolate Candy, the local pop gal trio. Talk about a big disappointment; I am pretty sure they mentioned the word 'Rock Band' in the email they sent out to us but have to check it again. Anyway the starting was cool cos they actually made us massage each other. I was sitting beside a gal so I was more than happy to oblige. Hey it's not everyday I get to have my (unusually large) hands on a gal's shoulders and neck alright, ok actually it's like never. But I had to massage the guy on my left as well; damm that wasn't fun at all. Ok now I think of it I dun know why I even did that voluntarily.

Anyway the worst part came when the 'rock band' proceeded to sing one of my most hated songs, the Ketchup song, and then tried to get us to do the Ketchup dance or whatever its called. I got the hell out of there in a hurry. Came back in for the lucky draw; I was really praying really hard to God to give me the !st prize which was a 3k hi fi sound system (my current one is totally screwed up) but well it didn't happen. Maybe God was too busy responding to prayers asking him to repair spoilt handphones.

But there were pretty good moments too, the MC got some people to go up on stage and do some really silly dances or act out stuff and they were pretty hilarious, some of them had the whole roomful of people laughing uncontrollably. And the food was totally awesome!
After the function I went to Borders to look for the Mars Volta CD. It still wasn't in yet. Was really tempted to get Led Zeppelin's new 3-CD live album but it was like 39 bucks; I will try Music Junction over the weekend to see if I can get cheaper there. Yeah I have always been really thrifty (miserly?) when it comes to spending money on myself but on the other hand I got no problem splurging on friends. Hmm maybe someone with a psych major can tell me why ?

Thursday, July 10, 2003

I got the chance to work from home yesterday; and I stayed up until 5:30 am this morning still doing work. Heh it's amazing how much difference not having to travel 3 hours in a day makes. Usually when I get back from work , I am so tired I just don't feel like doing any work-related stuff. Anyway I didn't get much done in the afternoon because I had a really bad headache so that was also another reason I stayed up so late. Ok enough about work; I am getting bored just blogging about it.

A pretty bizarre incident happened at the MRT Station today. I saw this guy actually trying to get thro the station gates without paying ! He was following another commuter really closely and after she went through ,the guy tried to go thro the gates before it closed on him but he failed. But he just went to another gate and tried again and he succeeded this time. Some people will do anything just to save a buck.>

My company is having a function at the Grand Hyatt Hotel tommorow afternoon and there is gonna be a lunch buffet kinda thing and a 'rock' band performing so I am kinda curious to see what kind of music they gonna play; ok its probably gonna be stuff like Bon Jovi and Scorpions (yucks) but hey who knows I might get lucky and get some RHCP songs at least.

Watched Joe Millionaire yesterday; it's down to Zora and the banker chick whom I can't quite remember the name. I think it's pretty obvious that the banker chick will outright reject him ; like hello she's a banking executive, and she's pretty classy so doubt she would go for him without his money. However Zora would also probably reject him because she is pretty guarded so once he finds out that he lied she would probably just figure that he isn't someone she could trust. Can't wait to see it next week. Yes I know it ended i's run in the USA quite a while back so please dun post any spoilers thank u.

As you might or might not notice, my entries have been decreasing in frequency except during the weekends; heh it's probably gonna be like that from now on . What to do work can really kill the mood to blog sometimes.

Monday, July 07, 2003

My dad has this tendency to go on a cleaning spree every few months; today was one such day. When I got back home, I noticed that everything in my room was re-arranged and re-organized. Basically what he does is he goes through and pours out everything from my drawers and cupboards into the floor or table depending on his mood. Then he puts back everything one by one into where he thinks they should be. So of cos now I have absolutely no idea which drawers have what stuff; and not to mention I had some really private stuff in some of my drawers; but hell as long as it's neat and tidy right thats all that counts. Oh and he mixed my 200-- music cds together with my 100-- vcds ; I am definitely gonna have a lot of fun sorting that out.

Bizarre Products

Ok thanks to Ab for these two really bizarre products :

First, we have Bumper Nuts, a website selling nuts that you can actually attach to your car or any type or vehicle to show off to your friends. You could even hang it on your kid's toy car. From the website : "Any respectable parent would not let his kid ride around the yard without a nice pair of Bumper Nuts hanging off the back of their Hot Wheels!"
And this is for lonely gals who feel all alone at night .

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Tamil is not funny!

Yes I needed to get that off my chest. I am really sick of how some people try to make fun of the Tamil language by using yan-de-pu-dan-ne and other such nonsensical words because they think its funny. And yeah this came about after i read this blog where the gal uses words like that to describe how this bangladeshi man was talking. And then I remembered what happened when I went out with my friends the other time; I called my mom and talked to her and one of my friends started doing that , using those dumbass words. I mean making fun of how someone's mother tongue sounds like; how low is that ? I doubt a Chinese person would like it if i went "Ching , Chong , Hoi, Moi " everytime he speaks mandarin or cantonese or whatever. I swear the next person who does something like that in front of me is gonna get it from me.

Finding Nemo

The movie was really good ; I usually don't like to watch animated features but everyone who saw the movie highly recommended it so I decided to give it a try. Well I am glad I did because it was a really funny yet surprisingly touching movie. And some parts of the movie were pretty scary; I probably wouldn't be able to look at a barracuda again without hatred in my eyes.; those fish are really evil I tell ya ! Ellen DeGeneres was really outstanding as Dory, the fish who only possesses short-term memory (immediately reminded me of Memento) . There were references to other movies as well ; but I will leave you to see it and find them out yourself. So basically I highly recommend it as well; wouldn't mind watching it again ! *hinting to any chicks who haven't seen it*
But there was this annoying kid beside me who practically remembered the movie by heart (god knows how many times he saw it) , and he was narrating the story to his friend or sister, thank god he didn't do it the whole movie; if i wasn't with a gal I would have probably punched him senseless.

Oh and had a great time with my net friend; was kinda afraid it would turned out awkward but she turned out to be pretty cool and chatty as well! Must ask her out again sometime.

Oh and here is the pic that Rani send me of herself.
pic of rani

Saturday, July 05, 2003

Getting Old?

Met my friend for dinner yesterday; he was my junior college classmate and he's getting married 3 weeks from now. It seems like everyone I know is getting married now, I think that is when you know you are getting old. But he and his girlfriend have been together for the last 8 years which is pretty amazing isn't it.
For me I still got 5 years more before Rani, my village virgin bride from Bombay, comes to Singapore so I guess I just have to wait patiently till then. But let me tell you I seen her picture and she's a hottie !

Ooooh I finally got someone to go with me to watch Finding Nemo! Well can't really blame her ; few gals can resist me when the Indian Stallion turns on the charm ....alright alright so I whined and begged her to go watch with me and threatened to cry if she didn't. Hell whatever it takes right , it's the result that matters not the means.

Oh Mars Volta's new album, De-Loused In The Comatorium, debuted at No. 39 on the Billboard charts ! It is quite a big surprise considering At the Drive-in's Relationship of Command didn't even break the top 100 (Mars Volta was formed by 2 of the members of At the Drive-In after they disbanded). I think its most probably due to the fact that they had Red Hot Chilli Peppers bassist Flea as their studio bassist for this album and also they were touring with RHCP so that kinda raised their profile a bit. I tried looking for the album at Sembawang Music Centre at tampines but they didn't have it either. Really lazy to go down to Borders in town to get it; especially on weekends when it's so bloody crowded. I will probably just wait a couple more weeks and try again ; till then I will just listen to it online at the Rolling Stone website like I been doing everyday. But seriously people you need to go listen to it ; its totally out of this world, think punk meets prog-rock , or a punk version of Radiohead's OK Computer . And no the vocalist does not scream or shout; most of the time he sings and he has a really amazing voice. Check out 'Roulette Dares' to see what I mean.

Thursday, July 03, 2003

Frivolous Post

Changed my workstation's wallpaper ! Nice or not ?

Can see a bigger picture of it here

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

TIme waits for no one....

I just got my EZLink Card GIRO-Enabled. It's pretty easy all you gotta do is select the GIRO option at the Ticketing Machine at the MRT station and choose the amount of cash you wanna top up everytime the card runs out of money. So once the card has a negative value it will top up automatically the next ride that you take. Now don't need to waste that ONE MINUTE every few weeks to top up my card manually.

I always wondered why people like to rush up the escalators on the MRT station. Especially when the display shows that the train won't arrive for the next 4 minutes or so; even if they reach the platform first it wouldn't make a difference rite. Does anyone else do that? Leave a comment and explain it to me alright. And also when I get off the Boon Lay MRT Station people will never wait for me to exit first before they rush into the train. It got me so irritated that now i purposely bang into them (I'm a pretty big guy) when I leave the train. Childish I know , but hell they started it !

Went to Music Junction on Monday but they didn't have the Mars Volta CD; not sure if they gonna bring it in which means I might have to get it from Tower or HMV which is gonna cost me like a lot more.
My tasks have been piling up over the last couple months so I told myself a couple seconds ago that I would I try to get one of them done by today. Wish me luck. By the way I really like my awfully pretentious title.