Monday, June 09, 2003

While I was in the church for my classmate's wedding, for some reason I started thinking about the bible ..and I realised that Jesus seemed to be a really humorless man. He never cracked any jokes or played any pranks, or at least none was mentioned in the bible. And I just wonder why is that so. Heh if I was him, I would have probably try to get the apostles to walk on water just as I could and then laugh at them when they fail miserably and drop into the water. But yeah something to ponder.

One more thing I don't get is why they always have the statue of him nailed to the cross and bleeding at the top of the altar in every catholic church. I mean when you go for a church wedding and you see that it kinda takes out a little of the joy from the wedding cos it is a rather painful image. Surely it would be better to have a nicer statue up there that showed him during happier times , like maybe riding on the donkey or playing with sheep? Yes he died to save his people but dun think Catholics really need to be reminded of that everytime they go to church, do they?

Oh and just remembered this line from this passage during the First Reading during the wedding mass was from the Book of Euclid-something. It was listing the qualities of the perfect wife , being chaste and supportive and loving ...and then there was this line:
"A quiet wife is a precious(or some other word) gift."

I thought that was a tad sexist.

BTW all these is just my opinion , not a fact . Cos religion can be a really sensitive issue.

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