Sunday, June 08, 2003

Went to the PC Show at Expo on Friday to look at some digital cameras, think I am going to settle for the Canon A60 most probably, a friend who has it highly recommends it. But it is a little on the big side, I need a camera that is easy to conceal. We will see.

Yesterday I went to the church wedding of my junior college(JC) classmate in the morning. It was really sweet, her hubby was singing to her this romantic song (well the words were romantic) while she was walking down the aisle towards her. That was followed by the wedding banquet in the evening, food was good and gotta meet up with my other JC classmates as well, and also free flow of Beer.

One of my classmates tried to get me to go with her and her boyfriend to Madam Wong and hang out with other colleagues (she's an air stewardess) but I declined. I do not like to go out in big groups and even worse when its a bunch of pple I dun know, yeah I am not exactly a social butterfly.

But it was pretty cool cos I got to talk to this really friendly gal who was the bride's cousin on the coach ride back home, she works in the travel agency and was telling me about all the places she went to and her experiences, it was a really interesting conversation .

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