Sunday, June 29, 2003

Website of the day

Earlier this month I had this entry about a certain website that was the website of the day for me, and what do you know, it got featured at .

Here is one of the entries at :

"While "Jie Jibe" Cheryl and I were at East Coast Park playing water at the beach. While she was SM Sing someone, she was caught unaware by a wave. Water entered her hand-phone and hence it was somewhat spoilt. She was not able to access the "Menu" option. Bad gone to worst when the hand-phone rejected her ism-card. From then on, she had a mood swing. She even bought a McDonald's meal and did not want to eat. I tried my very best to help her with her phone. My last resort was to pray. I continued to pray more than once and never gave up trying to make her hand-phone back to normal. God answered my prayers soon. I felt so happy when her hand-phone was back to normal. The ism-card was detected and "Menu" option was accessible. The sense of relieved went through Cheryl and I felt happy for her. I told her it was not me, it was God helped her. Thank you God."

Amen to that !

Eh you know what , my 8250 has been screwing up recently , switches off by itself sometimes. As good a reason as any for me to start praying again.

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