Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Sigh really sad now people always misread the Stallion's good intentions. This is what happened:
I went to a talk by this Professor from University of Melbourne at NUS and before we went in, we had the usual temperature checks and were given a sticker with our temperature on it. After the talk, I noticed that my colleague's sticker was loose and probably gonna drop off anytime, so being the kind and friendly indian boy that I am, I reached over to press it down for her. Immediately she slapped away my hand and gave me a cold stare like I was some kind of a perv. Tell you it really doesn't pay to be kind. Oh and the sticker was at her right shirt pocket.

Oh and on the way back home, this kid asked me for the time and i was so tempted to retort "Do I look like a clock?" . But of cos I wasn't that mean, just pushed him aside and went on my way.

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