Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I was really irritated by a net friend yesterday. I was telling her about that really friendly and interesting gal I met on sat ( see my entry on 6/8/2003 ) and how I would like to really chat with her again , and the first thing she asked me was if that gal was Chinese. And when I said yes, she went on about how there were nice indian gals who were also friendly and interesting and why I didn't find those women appealing. And she's not the only one, my mom too does that. My mom would tell me (in tamil) that I should give indian gals a life (by marrying them).

So I am gonna say here what I told her, color is not and has never been a factor for me at all when it comes to the chicks. If I am attracted to a gal it would be because of her personality and how well I think we click (ok it wouldn't hurt if she had a hot bod as well, hey I am a guy after all), not because she was Chinese or Indian or whatever.

I have always felt that I was Indian by birth and my skin color only; I can't speak Tamil decently, I have no interest in Tamil music or movies and I have never had that many Indian friends in my life ..well yes I had 3, they were my neighbours since we were kids but I don't keep in touch with them that much now. The only other Indian friends I have had are net friends, most of whom I never even met. I am not trying to reject my Indian roots or whatsoever, but I just have no interest in Indian culture, I can't help it.

I would love to blame it on my 1/4 Chinese blood and the fact that I took Malay as a 2nd Language in school rather than Tamil, but my sister proves that isn't true, she is very much an Indian in character, has mostly Indian friends , loves Indian movies/music etc. etc.

Of course I am not naive, I know for most gals in Singapore they would most probably not consider dating outside their own race, and that is their right of cos, that's the way it is.

Just needed to get all that off my chest.

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