Monday, June 16, 2003

I really dreaded waking up this morning; it just rained so the air was fresh and clean; and there was this really strong breeze...if I didn't have a meeting that morning I would have probably just slept more and come to work late; it felt that good. Maybe companies should let employees come in late during mornings like this; I certainly would if I was the boss! *hoping his supervisor reads this*

Spend the whole day doing system administration duties and didn't have any time to do my own tasks. The one horrible thing about Unix systems is installation of applications; so many times I encountered problems because of some missing library or compiler error or some bizarre unknown error. We spend 1/2 a day trying to install this application (ironically it helps report bugs) and we still couldn't get it to work. The problem with open source OSs is there isn't one specific compiler or libraries that is in every Unix system; unlike Windows. Being a sys admin sucks big time dun know how pple do it as a job; really admire them.

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