Saturday, June 21, 2003

I met a childhood friend yesterday; we used to be neighbours you see but we kinda lost contact after she moved probably around 7 - 8 years ago. Anyway it was really great meeting up with her for dinner again cos I kinda missed her! We had dinner at Pizza Hut at Tampines Mall ..oh speaking of which do not go to that outlet; they have the worst service there ! This was the second time i went there in like 2 months and both times it was really crappy.

But we did have a rather nice time talking about old times and basically catching up on each other's lives. All in all a pretty cool day.

Oh after the dinner we went to watch Ju-On; it totally sucked , the scariest parts were those they showed during the trailer,i got scared like probably twice throughout the whole movie ..she on the other hand was covering her eyes during the scary scenes ..and this was her second time watching it. Sigh women ...But there was this bloody irritating ah beng behind me who kept talking throughout the whole damm movie with his 2 ah lian friends ; and he was even talking on his bloody handphone twice really loudly. I shushed the idiot but the retard probably didnt understand what it meant.

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