Monday, June 30, 2003

Emails, emails, emails ......

Had the whole house to myself yesterday; my parents and dogs were off to my sister's place to stay over and probably be back today. Sigh times like this I really wished I had a chick to fool around with. Instead ended up just watching a cartoon (Who Framed Roger Rabbit), doing some of my work tasks and surfing porn. Oh but did catch Payback at night; it was a pretty cool movie starring Mel Gibson, had a whole noir-ish feel to it. Don't ask me what noir-ish is , I got the word off a review off the movie I read online.

I think I probably spent the whole morning up to lunch just replying all the emails that I got. I exchanged multiple emails with my colleague about this project we were working on ; eventhough he was only 2 tables away. I thought emails were supposed to make your life easier instead of being a hassle.

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