Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Yesterday after work I was on my way to meet my sister and her hubby at Heeren for dinner. And i took a cab because I was already running really late. And the cab driver was the nicest guy ever, he took a wrong turn at the junction, so he told me he would deduct the fare accordingly. Anyway we were talking and he was telling me how he just got retrenched from his 2k++ a month job and so had to drive a taxi now for a living. And he was saying how when he tried looking for a job b4 he drove a taxi he could feel that he was discriminated against cos he was Indian. And also how he got frustrated by the fact that so many of the jobs wanted the applicants to be Mandarin speaking.

I could really relate to that cos it happened to me as well when I was searching for a job. And what I hated even more was when people tried to explain it to me that it was because all those companies were dealing with the China market. For me, thats bullshit. Even temp admin/sales jobs in the classifieds require chinese speaking. But really its something you need to experience to really understand how frustrating it is.

Heh I was kinda taken aback when this new IA student who is working with us right now asked me yesterday where i bought my shirt ...and then he asked if I liked cheesecake, really thought he was gonna ask me out to a cafe or something. I asked why and he told me he was selling cheesecakes as a part time bizness. Heh lucky i clarified, was gonna tell him that the stallion doesn't swing that way.

Had a great dinner with my sis and her hubby at this thai restaurant on the 6th floor of heeren. The tom yam soup and sweet and sour fish were to die for. And it was also nice to see her again after quite a while, but we didn't really have time to hang out that long. I guess thats inevitable when you are both working adults.

Oh I am planning to watch Ju-On soon , it's this Korean horror movie; I saw the trailer when I went to see X-Men, almost peed my pants I tell ya. I think there are sneaks this week if I am not wrong.

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