Saturday, May 10, 2003

Wow ok I think this is the longest break from blogging I took. Yeah been really busy at work cos I had 2 big tasks this week that I needed to finish by yesterday which I did. The BBQ at big boss's place was pretty nice, we had sausages, chicken, patties all kinda stuff ..but it was a little too quiet for my tastes though not sure why...oh well who cares when there's free food right ! I tried to help out as much as I can in bbqing the food but not much experience actually so mainly used lots of eye power. But I did help out a lot in trying to finish the food, we had so much left over. I brought back sausages and patties, gonna have them for dinner today.

Oh i totally missed Survivor cos of the BBQ, I still have no idea who won .. :( But it is kind of a shame cos I think this was one of the more interesting Survivor seasons in a while, just because it was so unpredictable, thanks to Rob who I think plays the game as well as anyone I seen so far would be really cool to see him go against Richard Hatch. Which I am sure they will do, have a Survivor of Survivors when the show starts losing its popularity.

Gonna meet a colleague for lunch and to watch X-Men 2 later. Was supposed to meet chio bu (pretty gal) instead but she cancelled on me, sigh well if I had a dollar for everytime that happens ..... Nah she had something that came up, anyway at least my colleague agreed to go out with me instead, god bless that kind sweet man, if I was gay I would totally go after him.

Gonna suggest to Ab that maybe the whole team can like leave work couple of hours early one day and go watch Matrix Reloaded at Jurong Point for the 5 something show and maybe have dinner afterwards, I think that would be kinda cool. See what he says ....if I am lucky he will read this before I ask him !

Going out with my mom and sis tommorow cos it's Mother's Day, yes finally I can buy her something decent that she might actually like...she wasn't too impressed with the toothbrush I gave her last year. Sis suggested to me that maybe we should get for her a new Punjabi Suit. And also treat her to a nice dinner at Little India. We will see what she wants. But anyway whatever I am gonna spend on her tommorow I am gonna take out of the money I give her monthly so no worries! But I won't tell her tommorow of course, dun wanna spoil her day.

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