Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Went to NUS today to bring one of our workstations there t, we are doing a collaboration with one of their departments , and i will have to go there like once a week starting next week to do some stuff. But the freaking monitor was so damm heavy that I think I might have torn my bicep muscle or something, it hurts like hell everytime i press on it.

Can't wait for tommorow cos Thursday is Vesak Day so at least can get to sleep late for once ...but i had two meetings with friends the next few days which got cancelled so that kinda sucks. :(
*Start of dream*
I was in Tampines JC which i was from originally and i saw this rather pretty gal walking with her friend. And i was really attracted to her so I used this lame pick up line:asked her if I ever seen her before. She of cos said no and then i asked her for her phone number. She started to give it to me but hesitated and started saying about how she was afraid her bf would find out ...and right on cue her boyfriend came out of nowhere; he looked like one of those Miss Universe types and he started chasing me ! And I just screamed and ran away. Then i dreamt the gal was trying to break into my house at night while I was sleeping and when i opened the door it was the boyfriend instead ...and it ended like that ..thank god.
*End of Dream*

p.s Is it weird to find goose pimples on a gal a turn on ? Err just asking hor ....for a friend !

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