Saturday, May 03, 2003

Went out with a friend for dinner at Pizza Hut , yes im splurging my new found wealth now that I am rich. Anyway while we were there we saw this bunch of kids there by themselves who couldn't be older than 10, at most 11 ! Hell I went to McDonalds for the very first time when I was in Primary 6 ...I think I first went to Pizza Hut when I was in JC or maybe even later. Kids nowdays are so pampared aren't they ! Anyway it was really nice catching up with my friend, the last time we met was when we had this gathering a while back but we didnt talk much. For me I almost always prefer to go out with someone alone, like just the two of us, rather than a whole group cos I think theres more interaction that way and the conversation is more personal . Whenever we go out in big groups I tend to be much more reserved. But that's just me.

After that went to Giordana, she bought a really nice red top. Actually there was another top that I think she looked way better in but she thought it showed way too much cleavage. Sigh well at least I gotta see her in it for like a minute b4 she changed back. ;) I got myself a pair of jeans also for around 45 bucks cos I got only one pair of wearable jeans now. Oh and the salegals at Giordano were so wonderful I tell ya, we were at the one at Tampines Mall and the outlet didnt have the size that my friend wanted. So the salesgal called up the outlet at Century Square, found out there was a top that size there and went there and got it for my friend. Now that's what you call service. And all the salesgals there were friendly and nice too and it seemed totally natural and unforced. I read in the papers like many months back that Giordano has a strict hiring policy also, something like they only take in 20 percent of the pple they interview, basically you have to have a really amazing personality for them to hire you. I once knew a gal who worked at Giordano before and she was exactly the same, had this really amazing vibe that made me feel so at ease and comfortable whenever I was with her. I think I wanna marry a Giordano gal when I grow up, must tell Mommy that.

Oh people go and get the new CD by the White Stripes its amazing, for those who dun know them they are a duo, Meg and Jack White and they play 60's inspired bluesly guitar rock (think Led Zeppelin , Hendrix ) and its a very refreshing change from all the nu-metal crap on radio/mtv/tv rite now. Jack White is a really talented guitarist and sounds like Robert Plant from Led Zep on some of the songs, a pretty unique voice. Unfortunately didnt think Meg White is that great on her drums, shes average at best. But still definitely the best album I have heard in a long while. Songs to check out are "Black Math" and "Ball and Biscuit".

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