Saturday, May 17, 2003

Went out with a couple of my friends around evening today to Sim Lim. I needed to get an extra HD to install Linux OS and also gonna use it to store my videos, mp3s , porn etc. etc. Got a decent one Western Digital 40 GB for 125 bucks and with 3 years warranty somemore. After that we went to Harvey Norman at Suntec where my friend bought a new laptop. I am really tempted to get one myself but well dun wanna spend that kinda money unless I really need to. Yeah I tend to be kinda 'careful' with my money. maybe cos I never had much of it growing up. I didnt struggle for money or anything of cos, but I didnt really have the money to buy luxuries either. And then there was my sis who was spending enough for the both of us and then some. (She's gonna kill me when she reads this)

But I do remember this one incident when I bought this pair of Reebok high cut sneakers with some kinda jungle pattern in secondary school (hey those were the rage back then alright) for ard 150 bucks, was so excited about it when i bought them, and when i told my dad about it, he went like "That's too cheap you should have bought something way more expensive" (insert healthy dose of sarcasm here) . Heh the things you remember eh ? :)

Anyway going to my colleague's place in the morning tommorow to get his help in install the Linux on my system. And then gonna work my butt off over the weekend cos big boss is gonna be sitting in on Monday's meeting. Eeek!

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