Monday, May 19, 2003

Ok just finished my work task thingy. I can safely say now that I hate make that despise HTML tables. Took almost 4 hours to finish one html page consisting of 1 table with 140++ rows (1 bioinformatics application per row) and 8 columms. Please god hope big boss doesn't give me something like this to do again. But the funny thing is I dun really feel sleepy now although its like 3:15 am now and I gotta wake up in another 3 hours time. Weird rite.

While i am still awake I have to say I am kinda disappointed that my entries lately have not had a single comment. Ok call it ego , call it a desperate need for validation by my peers(most of whom I never even met b4) but yeah it sucks ! *Starts grovelling at your feet* So please if you see comment(0) under an entry just comment something, anything , you will make a lonely 25 year old virgin boy really happy. OK I know how pathetic it sounds but I dun care ! Hmm I think mommy put something in my food during dinner, dun feel like myself right now.

Speaking of mommy she nagged and nagged for me to give money from my paycheck to my dad eventhough I didn't really want to. Finally yesterday i just couldn't take it anymore and transferred it to my dad. Yeah call me unfilial or whatever but I have my reasons which I will not divulge here (some things still must keep secret mah).

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