Thursday, May 01, 2003

Hmm spending 4 hours on a presentation that lasted 10 thats what I call unproductive. But yeah thats how long I took to prepare the presentation i did today, was doing it from 1 am to 5 am this morning. But I think I got a pretty good topic to present though which was the defacement of Madonna's website on April 19th, compared to my colleagues who instead had to do presentation on several type of software. I actually wanted to do a presentation on P2P networks and the legal and moral implications that it had on the music industry, and using Madonna as a case study but my supervisor said I should try and stick to the given topic, which was kinda disappointing but i guess its good practice. But I wish I didn't get as tongue tied as I do when I'm giving a presentation, well I was definitely better than last week when I pretty much sucked but still not as good as I wanna be.

Went for dinner at Kenny Roger's with a friend at Marina Square, then I bought Faith of the Fallen by Terry Goodkind at a book fair there for only 6 bucks ! Then got the White Stripes's new album Elephant and listening to it right now (sounds good so far) . Heh really feels good to be able to spend money without feeling guilty that you are bleeding your parents dry !
Oh I can work from home on Friday , pretty cool rite ....I really think I would work better from home, cos honestly the journey takes a lot out of me i mean 3 hours of travelling a day can really get to you sometimes. But of cos need to have that self-discipline to do work when you are at home, anyway I am really gonna be trying my very best to try finish some of the tasks that I have left that are already overdue, dun know leh but I think I haven't been as productive as I know I can be so gonna have to try and rectify that.

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