Saturday, May 24, 2003

Hello my pretties ...yes haven't been blogging for a while, been damm lazy lah. Ok anyway I had a great time yesterday at raffles hotel , an IT company was having their 5th anniversary and they invited Ab to go but he went back to Holland to see his family so me and a colleague went instead. The talks were pretty interesting, especially the first one by this really knowledgeable and experienced ( old) guy who was talking about what new IT companies should and should not do in order to succeed, specifically those that were involved in R & D and product development, and it kinda relates to my company. And the food was pretty excellent too , there was like rendang mutton and salmon and chicken cooked in some kinda of sauce and also some other meat that i wasnt sure was what but just ate cos they all look as delicious as hell. For dessert , i had chocolate cream cake, some caramel thingy, watermelon, more creamy stuff. All in all a very nice lunch.

After that went to shoot pool with my colleague at beach road for around an hour, and then we went to watch Matrix Reloaded, it was a pretty cool movie but I really don't get some parts of it. Have to ask someone about it, probably gonna ask Di; if anyone can explain it to me its her ! Don't wanna mention any of my doubts here cos I am sure theres a lot of pple who havent watched the movie so dun wanna spoil it.

Today I went to Sim Lim Square for the 2nd week in a row, with 3 of my colleagues, i got myself an optical mouse and 10 800Mb CDs ..finally can burn all my 700mb+ movies that are taking up space on my HD. After that went to watch 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 days' with one of them; we had like totally crappy seats on the 2nd row my neck still hurts now from looking up for close to two hours! The movie was better than I expected it to be, plenty of funny moments and then there's Kate Hudson who is like a total hottie. Actually there was one good thing about sitting in the 2nd row - could see her boobs close up !

Anyway the movie is abt her trying to hook a guy and then make him dump her in 10 days or less by being clingy and psycho, its for a magazine article shes writing , about the mistakes women make with guys they like. But at the start of the movie, her friend was like really depressed cos she got dumped by a guy she dated for a week, cos she felt that they really had a connection and she started calling him everyday and telling him that she loved him, u know stuff like that. And that really reminded me of myself; cos I was in that exact same situation with someone last year, only difference was i went out with her 3 times instead of a whole week. Hey give me a break i was only 24 ....was young and naive mah ! Ok I didnt tell her i loved her (although i was really tempted to) or called her that many times but did other stuff which i will not mention here for the sake of preserving my dignity. *Slight spoiler ahead * Anyway at the end of the movie, the guy came back to kate's friend and asked her to take him back ...that's another big difference ...but what you expect, its a romantic comedy, if only real life was like that...sigh

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