Saturday, May 31, 2003

Had a pretty nice time with my colleagues yesterday; we went to this place called Peace Centre near Plaza Singapura to have dinner at McDonalds and then shoot pool. I totally sucked at pool, I mean I was really god-awful, a blind guy could have probably beat me; nearing the end I almost felt like bursting into tears, but there were too many gals around so I kept my cool and hide my tears.

After that we went to Boat Quay to go get a drink, there were quite a number of pubs there that had live jazz bands playing that I really wanted to check out cos they sounded pretty good but didn't think my colleagues were interested. Anyway we ended up at Breworkz(sp?) at Clarke Quay and I had a couple of beers (around 3 glasses) and some of my friend's red wine. It was quite cool we talked and stuff for quite a while ...although most of the stuff turned out to be work-related, not about work but more about the people we worked with. I guess other than work we don't really have THAT much in common. At the end, I was kinda feeling it already in my head!

After that we went to this prata place nearby, it was kinda gross 2 of my colleagues found hair in their prata of them found 2 ! There was probably some on my plate also but I ate too fast to notice. And then we all left for home around 2:30 am.

I am pretty glad that I work in a place where I can get along with my colleagues that well; I have heard from more than one of my friends in the IT line about the places where they work; their colleagues don't even acknowledge each other when they come into work in the morning or when they leave at home. And I don't know I can't imagine myself in a workplace like that, becos my social life is practically non-existent outside work, so if it was the same at work then I probably would go crazy or get depressed or something.

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