Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Had a pretty bad dream last night. I dreamt that my mom had a heart attack and passed away; and I was really busy arranging the funeral. And it felt so real that when I woke up , just for a split sec i was wondering whether it was real. Talk about a really disturbing dream.

If anyone here is looking for some guy to con I recommend my dad. He just bought a Rolex watch off someone and then now is spending 400 bucks to fix it. And recently he spend another 200 dollars to fix 2 cable points in our house; now there are 4 cable points in a house with 3 people living in it. I got a word to describe that but I am not gonna say it.

Just got assigned a pretty huge task today and it is making me kinda nervous. I am doing it with another colleague of mine but I really hope he has some experience with it cos I definitely don't. I got to get the first draft by friday so its all very rush. Stress!

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