Saturday, May 10, 2003

Good day today, went out with my (guy) colleague to see X-Men 2 at tampines mall in the afternoon, it was a pretty awesome movie imo, way better than the first installment of the series. Yeah and thats the end of my review so go see it! Oh and bought Pearl Jam's new album, ok not that new it's been out for a while now but didn't have the money to buy it till now. Got a sampler together with that album from Music Junction, but so lame it only has 'snippets' of the songs not the full versions. I mean thats so freaking lame hell I would rather download the mp3s and listen to them. Gonna give the sampler to Boy to play with later.

Anyway was gonna go back home after the movie but decided to give my friend a call cos he's living pretty close by, he agreed to meet me for a while ...then i decided to call my other jc friend and she turned out to be at home too so i kinda persuaded her to meet us also, she didnt want to at first but come on no gal can resist the Indian Stallion for long once i switch on on my babyish cutesy voice . We met and talked at BK for a while, then me and gal friend went to watch Anger Management which turned out to be a not so great movie, way too silly but there was a few funny moments.

Oh and most probably will be able to work at home this Friday again woohoo! But must try and be more productive than the last time!

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