Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Big Boss was at Monday's meeting and he was telling us about how we should be more pro-active and voice out our ideas/thoughts even if they are in conflict with his own. And I guess he is right, but he is quite intimidating especially in his emails so it is kinda scary to do that , but yeah definitely gonna try .

The team in Japan is interested in the project that I am working on, so once it is completed I will have to go to Japan to demo to them, thats pretty exciting rite ! But I have to admit my knowledge of bioinformatics is still very lacking rite now (which my colleague pointed out correctly a few days ago) , so I really need to read up more on it so that I can at least hold my own if I am ever in a conversation with someone well versed in that field.

OH I am going to Raffles Hotel this friday for a presentation thingy by a big company in singapore who specialises in Computer aided graphics , its their 40th anniversary. Ab was supposed to go but becos of his holland trip he can't and he asked me and another colleague to go instead. Think it should be an interesting experience, but I need to get a new pair of pants and shoes cos the attire required is business attire and my pants are more of the casual type.
Just bought Manson's new CD but haven't really listened to it that much, heard it on the train on the way to work today but i was half asleep. Will post a review here after I give it a proper listen !

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