Saturday, May 31, 2003

There has been a lot of uproar in Singapore recently over the AVA (forgot what it means) culling stray cats. And yes i think it is sad and unneccessary because its obviously an overreaction to the whole Sars thing, even if they deny it.

But I don't know, for me the problem wouldn't have come about in the first place if we didn't have irresponsible people who actually let their dogs and cats out on the streets when they didn't want them anymore or found them to hard to handle. For me thats no worse than what AVA is doing. But we don't see people voicing out strong opinions regarding irresponsible pet owners or petitioning for laws to try and stop people from abandoning their pets. I wonder why that is so.
Was talking to this gal online just now, she chatted me up. Then she asked to see my pic so I showed her the one on my company website. And after she saw it she told me she had to go and promptly left. Sniff... I think I need a hug.
Had a pretty nice time with my colleagues yesterday; we went to this place called Peace Centre near Plaza Singapura to have dinner at McDonalds and then shoot pool. I totally sucked at pool, I mean I was really god-awful, a blind guy could have probably beat me; nearing the end I almost felt like bursting into tears, but there were too many gals around so I kept my cool and hide my tears.

After that we went to Boat Quay to go get a drink, there were quite a number of pubs there that had live jazz bands playing that I really wanted to check out cos they sounded pretty good but didn't think my colleagues were interested. Anyway we ended up at Breworkz(sp?) at Clarke Quay and I had a couple of beers (around 3 glasses) and some of my friend's red wine. It was quite cool we talked and stuff for quite a while ...although most of the stuff turned out to be work-related, not about work but more about the people we worked with. I guess other than work we don't really have THAT much in common. At the end, I was kinda feeling it already in my head!

After that we went to this prata place nearby, it was kinda gross 2 of my colleagues found hair in their prata of them found 2 ! There was probably some on my plate also but I ate too fast to notice. And then we all left for home around 2:30 am.

I am pretty glad that I work in a place where I can get along with my colleagues that well; I have heard from more than one of my friends in the IT line about the places where they work; their colleagues don't even acknowledge each other when they come into work in the morning or when they leave at home. And I don't know I can't imagine myself in a workplace like that, becos my social life is practically non-existent outside work, so if it was the same at work then I probably would go crazy or get depressed or something.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

The first Matrix movie explained in 3 lines of dialogue :

Morpheus: Dig this -- the world is a massive illusion, created by machines to keep humans docile. You're actually a body floating in a jar.
Neo: That would explain a lot.
Morpheus: Cool. Now let's go kick some robot ass.

From some guy who thinks the movie and its sequel is way overrated.

And from that guy again , How to make a cat kill itself

Heh another really cool intepretation of Reloaded

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

My damm tummy seems to be expanding everyday. I think it's just gonna be a matter of time before people start giving up seats to me on the train. I need someone to motivate me to exercise leh, preferably a gal. You know how to contact me.
Had a pretty bad dream last night. I dreamt that my mom had a heart attack and passed away; and I was really busy arranging the funeral. And it felt so real that when I woke up , just for a split sec i was wondering whether it was real. Talk about a really disturbing dream.

If anyone here is looking for some guy to con I recommend my dad. He just bought a Rolex watch off someone and then now is spending 400 bucks to fix it. And recently he spend another 200 dollars to fix 2 cable points in our house; now there are 4 cable points in a house with 3 people living in it. I got a word to describe that but I am not gonna say it.

Just got assigned a pretty huge task today and it is making me kinda nervous. I am doing it with another colleague of mine but I really hope he has some experience with it cos I definitely don't. I got to get the first draft by friday so its all very rush. Stress!

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Yesterday after work I was on my way to meet my sister and her hubby at Heeren for dinner. And i took a cab because I was already running really late. And the cab driver was the nicest guy ever, he took a wrong turn at the junction, so he told me he would deduct the fare accordingly. Anyway we were talking and he was telling me how he just got retrenched from his 2k++ a month job and so had to drive a taxi now for a living. And he was saying how when he tried looking for a job b4 he drove a taxi he could feel that he was discriminated against cos he was Indian. And also how he got frustrated by the fact that so many of the jobs wanted the applicants to be Mandarin speaking.

I could really relate to that cos it happened to me as well when I was searching for a job. And what I hated even more was when people tried to explain it to me that it was because all those companies were dealing with the China market. For me, thats bullshit. Even temp admin/sales jobs in the classifieds require chinese speaking. But really its something you need to experience to really understand how frustrating it is.

Heh I was kinda taken aback when this new IA student who is working with us right now asked me yesterday where i bought my shirt ...and then he asked if I liked cheesecake, really thought he was gonna ask me out to a cafe or something. I asked why and he told me he was selling cheesecakes as a part time bizness. Heh lucky i clarified, was gonna tell him that the stallion doesn't swing that way.

Had a great dinner with my sis and her hubby at this thai restaurant on the 6th floor of heeren. The tom yam soup and sweet and sour fish were to die for. And it was also nice to see her again after quite a while, but we didn't really have time to hang out that long. I guess thats inevitable when you are both working adults.

Oh I am planning to watch Ju-On soon , it's this Korean horror movie; I saw the trailer when I went to see X-Men, almost peed my pants I tell ya. I think there are sneaks this week if I am not wrong.

Sunday, May 25, 2003

For people who watched the Matrix and was confused about the Architect's (I prefer to call him the Babbler) speech, might wanna take a look at this. Don't go there if u planning to watch the movie cos its a huge spoiler !

Lol just saw the new M1 ad....its making fun of Starhub's free incoming calls policy by having this couple trying to get each other to call the other party. But it is quite annoying when people keep messaging you to call them so that they save money, my sis always does that to me !
You are Neo
You are Neo, from "The Matrix." You
display a perfect fusion of heroism and

What Matrix Persona Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Wow ...and I didn't even understand Matrix Reloaded. Go figure.
Doing my progress report now to submit to *** ...telling me the stuff I learned and was trained in the last 3 months in my company. Super Sian. Listening to Manson's new album while doing it. Liking it more and more as I listen to it. Manson has decided not to take things so seriously this time (Holy Wood, his last album, really sounded tired and overbearing), and it's so obvious you can even see it from the song titles; the first song is "This is the New S**t" for crying out loud. And then there are lyrics like these:
"I've got an F and a C and I got a K too, the only thing missing is a bitch like U" - from the song (S)aint
You are the church/I am the steeple/When we f*ck we are God's People - from the song Slutgarden

Priceless, simply priceless !

Saturday, May 24, 2003

Hello my pretties ...yes haven't been blogging for a while, been damm lazy lah. Ok anyway I had a great time yesterday at raffles hotel , an IT company was having their 5th anniversary and they invited Ab to go but he went back to Holland to see his family so me and a colleague went instead. The talks were pretty interesting, especially the first one by this really knowledgeable and experienced ( old) guy who was talking about what new IT companies should and should not do in order to succeed, specifically those that were involved in R & D and product development, and it kinda relates to my company. And the food was pretty excellent too , there was like rendang mutton and salmon and chicken cooked in some kinda of sauce and also some other meat that i wasnt sure was what but just ate cos they all look as delicious as hell. For dessert , i had chocolate cream cake, some caramel thingy, watermelon, more creamy stuff. All in all a very nice lunch.

After that went to shoot pool with my colleague at beach road for around an hour, and then we went to watch Matrix Reloaded, it was a pretty cool movie but I really don't get some parts of it. Have to ask someone about it, probably gonna ask Di; if anyone can explain it to me its her ! Don't wanna mention any of my doubts here cos I am sure theres a lot of pple who havent watched the movie so dun wanna spoil it.

Today I went to Sim Lim Square for the 2nd week in a row, with 3 of my colleagues, i got myself an optical mouse and 10 800Mb CDs ..finally can burn all my 700mb+ movies that are taking up space on my HD. After that went to watch 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 days' with one of them; we had like totally crappy seats on the 2nd row my neck still hurts now from looking up for close to two hours! The movie was better than I expected it to be, plenty of funny moments and then there's Kate Hudson who is like a total hottie. Actually there was one good thing about sitting in the 2nd row - could see her boobs close up !

Anyway the movie is abt her trying to hook a guy and then make him dump her in 10 days or less by being clingy and psycho, its for a magazine article shes writing , about the mistakes women make with guys they like. But at the start of the movie, her friend was like really depressed cos she got dumped by a guy she dated for a week, cos she felt that they really had a connection and she started calling him everyday and telling him that she loved him, u know stuff like that. And that really reminded me of myself; cos I was in that exact same situation with someone last year, only difference was i went out with her 3 times instead of a whole week. Hey give me a break i was only 24 ....was young and naive mah ! Ok I didnt tell her i loved her (although i was really tempted to) or called her that many times but did other stuff which i will not mention here for the sake of preserving my dignity. *Slight spoiler ahead * Anyway at the end of the movie, the guy came back to kate's friend and asked her to take him back ...that's another big difference ...but what you expect, its a romantic comedy, if only real life was like that...sigh

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Big Boss was at Monday's meeting and he was telling us about how we should be more pro-active and voice out our ideas/thoughts even if they are in conflict with his own. And I guess he is right, but he is quite intimidating especially in his emails so it is kinda scary to do that , but yeah definitely gonna try .

The team in Japan is interested in the project that I am working on, so once it is completed I will have to go to Japan to demo to them, thats pretty exciting rite ! But I have to admit my knowledge of bioinformatics is still very lacking rite now (which my colleague pointed out correctly a few days ago) , so I really need to read up more on it so that I can at least hold my own if I am ever in a conversation with someone well versed in that field.

OH I am going to Raffles Hotel this friday for a presentation thingy by a big company in singapore who specialises in Computer aided graphics , its their 40th anniversary. Ab was supposed to go but becos of his holland trip he can't and he asked me and another colleague to go instead. Think it should be an interesting experience, but I need to get a new pair of pants and shoes cos the attire required is business attire and my pants are more of the casual type.
Just bought Manson's new CD but haven't really listened to it that much, heard it on the train on the way to work today but i was half asleep. Will post a review here after I give it a proper listen !

Monday, May 19, 2003

Ok just finished my work task thingy. I can safely say now that I hate make that despise HTML tables. Took almost 4 hours to finish one html page consisting of 1 table with 140++ rows (1 bioinformatics application per row) and 8 columms. Please god hope big boss doesn't give me something like this to do again. But the funny thing is I dun really feel sleepy now although its like 3:15 am now and I gotta wake up in another 3 hours time. Weird rite.

While i am still awake I have to say I am kinda disappointed that my entries lately have not had a single comment. Ok call it ego , call it a desperate need for validation by my peers(most of whom I never even met b4) but yeah it sucks ! *Starts grovelling at your feet* So please if you see comment(0) under an entry just comment something, anything , you will make a lonely 25 year old virgin boy really happy. OK I know how pathetic it sounds but I dun care ! Hmm I think mommy put something in my food during dinner, dun feel like myself right now.

Speaking of mommy she nagged and nagged for me to give money from my paycheck to my dad eventhough I didn't really want to. Finally yesterday i just couldn't take it anymore and transferred it to my dad. Yeah call me unfilial or whatever but I have my reasons which I will not divulge here (some things still must keep secret mah).

Sunday, May 18, 2003

There should be an extra Online Status in ICQ : "Really Invisible". Because sometimes you wanna be 'Invisible' just because you only wanna talk to certain people and so you put them in your Visible list. But then there are times when you dun wanna talk to anyone at all, this is where 'Really Invisible' comes in. I should bring this up to the ICQ people.

My left button is totally screwed up so I changed the buttons around im using the right button for double-clicking and stuff. It's a real pain in the ass and is slowing me down like crazy, so really stressed now cos I am trying to finish this work thingy!

Update : ICQ thing was dumb , please ignore that.
Ok need to clarify this with you people. Do any of you find vampire movies sensual? Specifically the part where the male vampire bites the innocent young woman on her bare shoulder near the neck, and the gal seems to like go into orgasm or something as the blood drains from her neck/shoulder? OK cos I do , and when I told a friend about it, he compared to me to his army bunkmate who collects female school uniforms and even sleeps with them in camp. Now thats weird..not to mention creepy.

So just wanna know if anyone else feels the way abt vampire bites as I do!

Saturday, May 17, 2003

Alright my colleague helped me install Redhat 9 on my new HD so now I can finally run some of my bioinformatics programs that I been working on at home instead of having to connect to my work computer. Ok ok you got me thats a lie !! Its mainly for storage of my porn happy ! Geez you people are so judgemental !

Been listening to Pearl Jam's new CD , Riot Act. It's an amazing record definitely their best for a long while, previous album Binaural was a bit of a disappointment so I am really glad that this one turned out as great as it has. Now hope can say the same thing about Manson's new one when it comes out. But I am going nuts over my hi fi keeps skipping like crazy. Maybe its time to get a new one perhaps...

Went out with a couple of my friends around evening today to Sim Lim. I needed to get an extra HD to install Linux OS and also gonna use it to store my videos, mp3s , porn etc. etc. Got a decent one Western Digital 40 GB for 125 bucks and with 3 years warranty somemore. After that we went to Harvey Norman at Suntec where my friend bought a new laptop. I am really tempted to get one myself but well dun wanna spend that kinda money unless I really need to. Yeah I tend to be kinda 'careful' with my money. maybe cos I never had much of it growing up. I didnt struggle for money or anything of cos, but I didnt really have the money to buy luxuries either. And then there was my sis who was spending enough for the both of us and then some. (She's gonna kill me when she reads this)

But I do remember this one incident when I bought this pair of Reebok high cut sneakers with some kinda jungle pattern in secondary school (hey those were the rage back then alright) for ard 150 bucks, was so excited about it when i bought them, and when i told my dad about it, he went like "That's too cheap you should have bought something way more expensive" (insert healthy dose of sarcasm here) . Heh the things you remember eh ? :)

Anyway going to my colleague's place in the morning tommorow to get his help in install the Linux on my system. And then gonna work my butt off over the weekend cos big boss is gonna be sitting in on Monday's meeting. Eeek!

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Giordano jeans : $45
Low-end digicam : $400-500
Getting your mom to realise that her son is no longer a kid , which means she doesn't need to call every few hours to check up on him to make sure he did the household chores that he is supposed to do : PRICELESS
Was supposed to meet the sis in town for facial in the eveing, wanted to give her a treat ..but she isn't feeling well so she had to postpone it really bored at home with nothing to do !
The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Sixth Level of Hell - The City of Dis!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Moderate
Level 2 (Lustful)High
Level 3 (Gluttonous)High
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)High
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Low
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very High
Level 7 (Violent)Low
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Moderate
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Low

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test

Damm only Level 6 ?? Manson would be so disappointed with me ... :(

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Went to NUS today to bring one of our workstations there t, we are doing a collaboration with one of their departments , and i will have to go there like once a week starting next week to do some stuff. But the freaking monitor was so damm heavy that I think I might have torn my bicep muscle or something, it hurts like hell everytime i press on it.

Can't wait for tommorow cos Thursday is Vesak Day so at least can get to sleep late for once ...but i had two meetings with friends the next few days which got cancelled so that kinda sucks. :(
*Start of dream*
I was in Tampines JC which i was from originally and i saw this rather pretty gal walking with her friend. And i was really attracted to her so I used this lame pick up line:asked her if I ever seen her before. She of cos said no and then i asked her for her phone number. She started to give it to me but hesitated and started saying about how she was afraid her bf would find out ...and right on cue her boyfriend came out of nowhere; he looked like one of those Miss Universe types and he started chasing me ! And I just screamed and ran away. Then i dreamt the gal was trying to break into my house at night while I was sleeping and when i opened the door it was the boyfriend instead ...and it ended like that ..thank god.
*End of Dream*

p.s Is it weird to find goose pimples on a gal a turn on ? Err just asking hor ....for a friend !

Monday, May 12, 2003

I am so freaking pissed right now. But can't say why ....Alright actually I blogged about it just now but then realised its not cool to bitch abt someone when i know they are reading it so took it off.

A stupid mynah took a dump on my shirt today during lunchtime ...out of a 100 people it had to choose me. I never win anything in lucky draws but when it comes to this kinda stuff totally different story.

Too tired to blog further, going to bed ...oh Jenna won Survivor, I think she has to be the most undeserving winner ever, Rob totally deserved it imo.

Sunday, May 11, 2003

You are Rogue!

You are sexy and strong willed, and able to take on
just about anyone. You long for a serious
relationship, but whenever you begin to get
close to someone things always seem to take
turns for the worse. But you have dealt with
this lack of closeness with an almost constant
flirtacious behavior.

Which X-Men character are you most like?
brought to you by Quizilla

Yes ladies , read that , I am sexy !
THE mom didn't wanna go anywhere today, really wanted to take her out today to a nice dinner but well its her choice after all. She hates to eat out, would rather wake up early in the morning to go to the market and then proceed to spend the whole morning cooking lunch and dinner instead of sitting in a nice restaurant relaxing and at least having the chance to get some decent conversation with THE sis and me. Women, can never understand them! And now THE sis told me they might not go to tekka (little india) after all. This is what happens when you don't plan things in advance. Now I shall go and bathe THE dog.

Oh by the way wanna dedicate this entry to sangeetha (think she should know why ;) ), you got no idea how much I loved your last entry , got me grinning like an idiot when I read know ....i think I'm in love with you ....

Saturday, May 10, 2003

Good day today, went out with my (guy) colleague to see X-Men 2 at tampines mall in the afternoon, it was a pretty awesome movie imo, way better than the first installment of the series. Yeah and thats the end of my review so go see it! Oh and bought Pearl Jam's new album, ok not that new it's been out for a while now but didn't have the money to buy it till now. Got a sampler together with that album from Music Junction, but so lame it only has 'snippets' of the songs not the full versions. I mean thats so freaking lame hell I would rather download the mp3s and listen to them. Gonna give the sampler to Boy to play with later.

Anyway was gonna go back home after the movie but decided to give my friend a call cos he's living pretty close by, he agreed to meet me for a while ...then i decided to call my other jc friend and she turned out to be at home too so i kinda persuaded her to meet us also, she didnt want to at first but come on no gal can resist the Indian Stallion for long once i switch on on my babyish cutesy voice . We met and talked at BK for a while, then me and gal friend went to watch Anger Management which turned out to be a not so great movie, way too silly but there was a few funny moments.

Oh and most probably will be able to work at home this Friday again woohoo! But must try and be more productive than the last time!
Wow ok I think this is the longest break from blogging I took. Yeah been really busy at work cos I had 2 big tasks this week that I needed to finish by yesterday which I did. The BBQ at big boss's place was pretty nice, we had sausages, chicken, patties all kinda stuff ..but it was a little too quiet for my tastes though not sure why...oh well who cares when there's free food right ! I tried to help out as much as I can in bbqing the food but not much experience actually so mainly used lots of eye power. But I did help out a lot in trying to finish the food, we had so much left over. I brought back sausages and patties, gonna have them for dinner today.

Oh i totally missed Survivor cos of the BBQ, I still have no idea who won .. :( But it is kind of a shame cos I think this was one of the more interesting Survivor seasons in a while, just because it was so unpredictable, thanks to Rob who I think plays the game as well as anyone I seen so far would be really cool to see him go against Richard Hatch. Which I am sure they will do, have a Survivor of Survivors when the show starts losing its popularity.

Gonna meet a colleague for lunch and to watch X-Men 2 later. Was supposed to meet chio bu (pretty gal) instead but she cancelled on me, sigh well if I had a dollar for everytime that happens ..... Nah she had something that came up, anyway at least my colleague agreed to go out with me instead, god bless that kind sweet man, if I was gay I would totally go after him.

Gonna suggest to Ab that maybe the whole team can like leave work couple of hours early one day and go watch Matrix Reloaded at Jurong Point for the 5 something show and maybe have dinner afterwards, I think that would be kinda cool. See what he says ....if I am lucky he will read this before I ask him !

Going out with my mom and sis tommorow cos it's Mother's Day, yes finally I can buy her something decent that she might actually like...she wasn't too impressed with the toothbrush I gave her last year. Sis suggested to me that maybe we should get for her a new Punjabi Suit. And also treat her to a nice dinner at Little India. We will see what she wants. But anyway whatever I am gonna spend on her tommorow I am gonna take out of the money I give her monthly so no worries! But I won't tell her tommorow of course, dun wanna spoil her day.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Pretty cool day today, 12 of us went to Pizza Hut for lunch and ate like nobody's business, i had like 5 or 6 slices of pizza, soup, salad, breadsticks and dun know what else. Downside was when I got back I was as sleepy as hell and had a really hard time concentrating on my work. Hmm maybe we should make it dinner next time !

There's a company barbecue at big boss's place on Friday which is pretty cool, but before I can look forward to that I need to hurry and complete two tasks that I are urgently need to finish by Thursday.
So probably not gonna be blogging that much for the next couple of days. But who knows rite.

P.S Is it me or does Lana Lang look way hotter in the new season of Smallville?

Oh yeah and I got the nicest compliment from a net friend earlier, you know the kind that makes you feel all good inside ...thanks for saying what you did babe ! :)

Saturday, May 03, 2003

I wanna watch Amen which is showing at the Film Festival rite now but got no one who wants to go with me (Yes I don't have a lot of friends). Anyone interested ? It's showing from the 7 - 10th of May at 9 pm but I cant make it on the 9th with a friend cos I got company barbecue on that day. :(

Define pathetic : When you need to make a mass plea online on your blog to get someone to go to the movies with you.

On another note, I am starting to develop a fear of black holes, you know those things in space with such intense gravity that they suck in light even. But can't tell you why.
Went out with a friend for dinner at Pizza Hut , yes im splurging my new found wealth now that I am rich. Anyway while we were there we saw this bunch of kids there by themselves who couldn't be older than 10, at most 11 ! Hell I went to McDonalds for the very first time when I was in Primary 6 ...I think I first went to Pizza Hut when I was in JC or maybe even later. Kids nowdays are so pampared aren't they ! Anyway it was really nice catching up with my friend, the last time we met was when we had this gathering a while back but we didnt talk much. For me I almost always prefer to go out with someone alone, like just the two of us, rather than a whole group cos I think theres more interaction that way and the conversation is more personal . Whenever we go out in big groups I tend to be much more reserved. But that's just me.

After that went to Giordana, she bought a really nice red top. Actually there was another top that I think she looked way better in but she thought it showed way too much cleavage. Sigh well at least I gotta see her in it for like a minute b4 she changed back. ;) I got myself a pair of jeans also for around 45 bucks cos I got only one pair of wearable jeans now. Oh and the salegals at Giordano were so wonderful I tell ya, we were at the one at Tampines Mall and the outlet didnt have the size that my friend wanted. So the salesgal called up the outlet at Century Square, found out there was a top that size there and went there and got it for my friend. Now that's what you call service. And all the salesgals there were friendly and nice too and it seemed totally natural and unforced. I read in the papers like many months back that Giordano has a strict hiring policy also, something like they only take in 20 percent of the pple they interview, basically you have to have a really amazing personality for them to hire you. I once knew a gal who worked at Giordano before and she was exactly the same, had this really amazing vibe that made me feel so at ease and comfortable whenever I was with her. I think I wanna marry a Giordano gal when I grow up, must tell Mommy that.

Oh people go and get the new CD by the White Stripes its amazing, for those who dun know them they are a duo, Meg and Jack White and they play 60's inspired bluesly guitar rock (think Led Zeppelin , Hendrix ) and its a very refreshing change from all the nu-metal crap on radio/mtv/tv rite now. Jack White is a really talented guitarist and sounds like Robert Plant from Led Zep on some of the songs, a pretty unique voice. Unfortunately didnt think Meg White is that great on her drums, shes average at best. But still definitely the best album I have heard in a long while. Songs to check out are "Black Math" and "Ball and Biscuit".

Thursday, May 01, 2003

This is getting really annoying. Someone is impersonating me by using my handle "Indian Stallion" at Natasha's blog and posting all kinds of really fucked-up messages. Whoever it is, if you reading this please go get a life man, if u got something bad to say, at least have the balls to identify yourself instead of staying anonymous or impersonating someone else. If you need to do stuff like this to get off then I really feel sorry for you.
Hmm spending 4 hours on a presentation that lasted 10 thats what I call unproductive. But yeah thats how long I took to prepare the presentation i did today, was doing it from 1 am to 5 am this morning. But I think I got a pretty good topic to present though which was the defacement of Madonna's website on April 19th, compared to my colleagues who instead had to do presentation on several type of software. I actually wanted to do a presentation on P2P networks and the legal and moral implications that it had on the music industry, and using Madonna as a case study but my supervisor said I should try and stick to the given topic, which was kinda disappointing but i guess its good practice. But I wish I didn't get as tongue tied as I do when I'm giving a presentation, well I was definitely better than last week when I pretty much sucked but still not as good as I wanna be.

Went for dinner at Kenny Roger's with a friend at Marina Square, then I bought Faith of the Fallen by Terry Goodkind at a book fair there for only 6 bucks ! Then got the White Stripes's new album Elephant and listening to it right now (sounds good so far) . Heh really feels good to be able to spend money without feeling guilty that you are bleeding your parents dry !
Oh I can work from home on Friday , pretty cool rite ....I really think I would work better from home, cos honestly the journey takes a lot out of me i mean 3 hours of travelling a day can really get to you sometimes. But of cos need to have that self-discipline to do work when you are at home, anyway I am really gonna be trying my very best to try finish some of the tasks that I have left that are already overdue, dun know leh but I think I haven't been as productive as I know I can be so gonna have to try and rectify that.