Friday, April 11, 2003

Yes finally the weekend is here ! Was a pretty short day we had training again at Sun main office at Central Mall, but after that I met the boyfriend of a net friend of mine for coffee (for the first time ever)cos he works in the same building as well. He;s probably the first guy I met off the net and most likely he will be the last also. No it wasn't as weird as it sounds. But not gonna say anything more about that.

Oh yeah bought the birthday gift for my friend whom I'm gonna meet tommorow ; I offered her a free ride on the stallion (aka me) instead but she politely declined, think she was probably too shy lah that poor gal, I'm sure she was tempted. She's 23 now ...sigh I can still remember holding her in my arms when she was a little baby, kids grow up so fast nowdays dun they ....sniff...

Oh yeah had to do a lot of whining,crying and begging just now to my mom to give me 50 dollars for tommorow cos I am totally broke now. Yeah let me assure you the sight of a 24 year old man in tears begging his mom for money isn't something anyone wants to see. What to do when it comes to my family we believe in tough love, gotta earn everything we get. I can still remember that since I was a year old I had to go to the provision shop to get my own diapers and milk powder, thats how independent we had to be.Kids nowdays got it easy man!

When i was in the MRT today and the train reached Boon Lay MRT which is the last train station, there was this gal who was still sleeping but the gal beside her didnt even bother to wake her up, she just got up and left so I woke her up by tapping her on the shoulder. Isn't that like the decent thing to do, I mean if it was me I would also want someone to wake me up if I overslept. However, some friends I asked later said that they probably wouldn't also which I found pretty weird. Oh well.

Oh ya a net friend pointed out that all the blogs I link to save one are gals. I didn't even notice that. Interesting.

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